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Lingerie Laughs: Funny Lingerie Stories And Facts

There’s no time like the present to try and find some escape from the world through some laughter!

Because we’re all lingerie lovers, we thought it would be fun to share some funny lingerie stories and facts we’ve found that made us chuckle!

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did! 

Valentine’s Day Hilarities via Refinery 29

Valentine’s Day romance doesn’t always work out. | via Canva

Refinery 29 put together this amazing compilation of Valentine’s Day related stories from lingerie retail workers, and they are absolutely hilarious! With Valentine’s Day being one of the biggest lingerie holidays of the year, we’re not surprised that it’s one of the most interesting holidays to be working in a physical lingerie store. We’ve showcased one below, but there are lots more to take a look at here

“Shag had a Valentine’s Day customer last year, a guy, who came in four times in one day — three times with three different ladies, and once by himself, just to chat. Each time, he bought $200+ worth of merchandise for his date. There was a lot of winking and sssh-ing to me behind their backs. He’s a regular now, and I’ve never seen him come in with the same girl — he buys a lot of the same products two or three times. The one time he was alone, I teased him a lot, and he blushed.”

— Elizabeth, Shag Brooklyn, New York City

No Loose Suits

Be careful what you wear at the beach, boys! | via Canva

This is kind of funny, albeit it’s related to swimwear and not lingerie, exactly. 

According to this article here, it’s actually illegal for men in France to wear loose bathing trunks! They have to keep their options small and close to the body, opting for speedos or tighter-fitting bottoms. Why? Not sure, but we think it’s funny!

No Lace? 

This interesting law was apparently introduced for health reasons, but it’s purportedly illegal to wear lacy underwear in Russia. How is that enforced? Not sure, but we can assure you that lace underwear doesn’t affect your health so long as you are careful when you wear it. For example, lace undies aren’t ideal for workouts, but can be good for most daily wear or romantic evenings! 

That’s One Way To Get Noticed (When You Don’t Want To)

Not a smart move. | via ABC10

Wearing nothing but lingerie is one way to get noticed when committing a crime  – like this man who was caught on security cameras burglarizing a home in nothing but lingerie! 

We have nothing against him wearing lingerie, but it’s one of those things you just can’t not notice, and probably didn’t help him evade getting caught. 

When Lingerie Design Goes Too Far

Yes or no? | via Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

We LOVE fun lingerie, but we don’t know if we would consider two cheap plastic circles a bra. 

This funny story is about a woman who purchased a clear bra from Wish to spice up her wardrobe, only to have it fall apart within minutes. 

Sheer lingerie is fabulous and sexy, but we think opting for some sheer mesh or lace is a more trusty option. 

How Often Do You Change Your Underwear?

You might be surprised at what some people said. | Semi Sheer Mid Rise Lace Panty by Cybele

There was a survey taken that asked people how often they changed their underwear, and hilariously enough, the results weren’t unanimous!

We think this story about how not everyone changes their underwear every day is funny, because we’re seriously hoping it’s a joke! Please, please, change your underwear daily. 

Something Borrowed?

Do you get along with your in-laws? | via Canva

Future mother-in-laws usually mean well, but sometimes, they cross the line! 

This story discusses how one MIL tried to convince her future daughter-in-law that wearing her wedding night lingerie will help the bride-to-be get pregnant. 

Sure, it wasn’t a whole sexy set, but it’s still a strange request, and it’s weird to think about your future mom-in-law to think about you doing… that. 

Did any of these stories make you laugh? Do you have your own strange lingerie story to share?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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