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Fun With Fashion: Statement Tees

What is one of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe with something current that makes a statement? A statement tee, of course! At #ShopNTL, we are all about finding fun ways to show off your personality and find ways to be comfortable in the skin that you’re in. While we usually dress you in lingerie, we are loving statement tees for their cute and funny infusion they can make in our wardrobes. Whether you go for something inspiring or laugh-inducing, there is a statement tee for everyone.

A statement tee can show your sense of humour, what inspires you, or a fun element of your personality. That’s what fashion is supposed to be about! It’s all about having fun and channelling yourself into the garments you find. A lot of statement tees poke fun at the little pains of life, like staying on a diet or not getting enough sleep, and some also poke fun at fashion. Some statement tees even make light of common insecurities that many are meant to be ashamed of, and turn the issue around as something to celebrate and laugh at.

How do you wear a statement tee? Well, it can be a boost on your simple jean and tee uniform. Spice it up a little bit with a cute pair of flats and colourful handbag. A really cute look for the summer is a statement tee tucked into a maxi skirt. You can play with patterns by mixing them up for a youthful and vibrant outfit. Take it up a notch by throwing one that’s a little bit baggy over a maxi dress or regular dress and tie it up. You’ll get that cute cropped look but with coverage so you feel appropriate. They are definitely best kept for the weekend or for errands, as they may not work for your work environment.

Do you have any statement tees? Do you prefer funny ones or sentimental and inspiring ones? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or chat with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also pin more fashion inspiration from our Pinterest page, and learn more about lingerie tips and tricks on YouTube.



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