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It’s wedding season right now; so many brides (myself included) are planning the details of their special day, trying to make their dream wedding come to fruition.

There are literally so many details to consider when it comes to your wedding day that it can get so overwhelming, making it hard to truly focus on making any decisions.

So to try and get your creative wedding juices flowing, here are some of the biggest wedding trends right now.

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The Dress Alternative

Wedding jumpsuits are a gorgeous alternative to a dress! Pinterest | Pinterest

A long, intricate, super expensive wedding gown is something every bride might feel pressured to buy for their wedding day, even if they never wear dresses.

So if you’re not a dress girl, don’t wear a dress! No one says you have to! Traditions are less regarded as they used to be, and there’s no reason why new traditions can’t be made when it comes to weddings.

There are so many jumpsuits, two piece outfits, or even short dresses if you’re feeling a little bit less formal. There’s nothing worse than feeling less than beautiful on your wedding day, so you shouldn’t wear something that doesn’t make you feel like yourself.

Less Florals, More Green

Mixing flowers and greenery is such a beautiful look. Pinterest | Pinterest

Let’s be real; flowers are expensive, especially for weddings, and while they are so very beautiful, what do you do with them afterwards?

Truly, if you get creative, there are ways (donate them to a retirement residence or hospital etc.), but if flowers aren’t your thing, you’ll absolutely love the greenery trend sweeping weddings.

As decor trends become more simplistic, so do plant arrangements, and more and more brides are opting for greenery and herbs and succulents to add a splash of natural beauty to their special day. You can even find faux greenery or plants that aren’t just cheap plastic if you’re hoping to produce less waste.

Taking It Inside

Once you go outside of halls, you won’t believe the beauties you can get married in! Pinterest | Pinterest

There’s no denying that outdoors wedding are so very gorgeous. But most of us don’t live in climates where that’s an easy thing to pull off.

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, it looks like more and more couples are opting to say their I Do’s indoors. However, wedding locations are getting a lot more creative.

Rather than the typical churches or halls, many couples are seeking out that special space that has been repurposed into a wedding space, or something that isn’t a wedding space at all. Think lofts, industrial spaces, old factories, museums, and basically whatever they see that speaks to their taste.

Going With A Looser Theme

Multiple colors for the win! Pinterest | Pinterest

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked what my wedding colors are, I’d be able to pay for my whole wedding!

Instead of having two or three colors that are strictly used throughout the entire wedding, more couples are picking a general theme of complementary colors and textures that all flow together. Some popular ones are mixing metallics, wood, different muted shades of blushes and pinks, and combinations of the same color in different shades.

So if you can’t choose two colors? Don’t! Find a way to mix in all of the things you love, or find a decorator who can see your vision and make it happen.

And don’t forget the lingerie! We have anything you might need to make the day or night truly special!

Are there any other wedding trends you’ve seen that you’re loving right now?

Let us know in the comments below!

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