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Packing has become a sort of science, and it can be one of the most stressful things about planning a getaway or vacation.

We’ve all probably had at least one trip where, even though we make all the checklists and double check everything, we’ve still managed to leave something important at home.

Well, when it comes to lingerie, here are some items you should be sure you pack to take you through any scenario you might find yourself in.

A Convertible Bra

You should already have one of these babies, and if you don’t, now is the perfect time to get one!

A convertible bra is a godsend for travel, allowing you to be prepared for any type of outfit you might bring. It also heavily reduces the amount of bras you have to take with you, and let’s face it – if you’re packing your bras properly (that means without folding them or bundling them up, because that damages them), they can take up more room in your suitcase than you might like.

Another tip – pack your convertible in your carry on luggage. That way you have at least one bra should you happen to lose your luggage (you should be packing a change of clothes in there too!)

A Bralette

A couple of bralettes can be easily thrown into your luggage, since most don’t have wires and you can bunch them up.

If you’re going to a tropical destination and get sun burnt, wearing a typical bra could be painful. A bralette can be slipped on so you can still have coverage that’s soft and subtle.

Plus, it’s nice to have a couple of extra intimates just in case. A bralette can save you in that regard without taking up too much room in your suitcase.

A T-Shirt Bra

A t-shirt bra is another bra that goes with almost anything you might wear, plus they are pretty comfortable and soft for all day wear.

T-shirt bras are great because they are typically seamless, and some even have non-metal wires (see Triumph style) so they pack easily plus wear even easier.

Durable, Seamless Underwear

If you’re going on a romantic getaway, you’ll probably want some frilly things, but you should always have some seamless durable panties no matter where you’re jetting off to.

That way you’re prepared for any situation! Whether it’s a physical activity, an unexpected visit from Aunt Flo, you pack too little, or you need something to go with a certain outfit.

Once again, you should roll these up in your carry on just to be safe!

Cute, Comfortable Sleepwear

Sleeping in a foreign bed can be very tough for a lot of travelers, and so it’s best to make it as easy and comfortable as possible.

Pack some cute, soft, easy to wear sleepwear for yourself so you don’t run the risk of having less fun due to lack of sleep. Think of some that can also double as an outfit if need be! You know that the pyjama trend is super hot right now so it’s not actually that hard to do!

Lingerie Mesh Bag

Hopefully this doesn’t ever happen to you, but if you run out of lingerie or even swimwear, you’ll be so thankful if you have a mesh lingerie bag packed!

You can place your delicates in and wash them quickly in the sink or bathtub and you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged while doing so. You could hand wash them too, but that takes a lot of time. Be sure to hang dry after!

Body Tape

Body tape is something you should always have handy, because it works for a multitude of things.

It helps you wear those sexy outfits without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction, yes, but it can also help you fix a rip or hem on the fly, it can secure a makeshift bandaid, keep bikinis in place, and so many more things!

What are some of YOUR travel essentials?

Let us know in the comments below!

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