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We’re always up for a little bit of inspiration now and then; it could be for how we can dress, and how we can style lingerie.

Seeing women display lingerie in a confident way inspires us too, and that’s why we’ve loved some of these photos and want to celebrate these gorgeous celebrities!

Leyla Bloom Posing For Playful Promises

This photoshoot has changed history. | via Teen Vogue

We know it’s been a long time coming for people of all walks of life, appearances, genders, and backgrounds or color to be represented in lingerie. That’s why we love this ad featuring women of color, and trailblazer Leyna Bloom, the first transgender woman of color featured in a Cannes movie as the star.

Rihanna For Savage x Fenty

She just gets more and more beautiful. | via The Sun

We love what Rihanna is doing for visibility in lingerie, as well. She has some affordable, trendy, sexy pieces, and she looks like a bombshell showing them off.

Ashley Graham For Addition Elle

Such a trailblazer. | via Life And Style Mag

We feel like Ashley is so humble, she probably doesn’t realize how influential she’s been in the world of lingerie.

She looks radiant in this simple black and white photo showcasing her collection with Addition Elle. She’s just so naturally beautiful, don’t you think?

Heidi Klum Brushing Her Teeth

Heidi is a supermodel, but also adorable. | via Yahoo Lifestyle

Of course Heidi Klum is one of the OG lingerie models and a household name, but she’s also adorable and funny.

We love her candid snap brushing her teeth, showing off some really cute underwear. It shows we should celebrate our bodies no matter what we’re doing!

Taylor Swift In New Music Video

Taylor just makes things iconic. | via Bustle

There’s something about Taylor Swift that’s so classically beautiful, so of course, she looks radiant in vintage-inspired lingerie.

We also love all the color featured in this look and it inspires us to mix things up!

Have you seen a lingerie look lately that you’ve loved?

Let us know in the comments below,

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