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We all love things that do some extra for us other than their intended purpose, right? On #ShopNTL, we have more than just bras – we have bras that are built with special technology and innovative design that turn an ordinary bra into an extraordinary garment. Whether you need a certain function due to changes in your body, or just simply need an aesthetic boost, you may be surprised to know that there are specialty bras out there with solutions that you want. See down below some special bras that we think you’ll find useful, and let us know in the comments if there is a particular problem you need a bra for and our Bra Doctor can find a solution for you!

Shapewear Padded Underwired Bra by Cybele


When you’re looking for a bra to go with your shapewear, this is a fabulous option as it matches shapewear’s effectiveness. Built with a durable Lycra fabric, you’ll feel comfort in knowing you’re smoothed out all day and night without feeling constricted. Notice the dramatic lift that helps showcase your curves in a smoothed out manner rather than hide them.

Ava Wire Free Nursing Bra by Royce Lingerie


Congratulations, you’re having a baby! You’ll want to get some nursing bras to make breastfeeding as simple as it can be if that’s what you choose to do. The fabric makes up for the support you’ll lack from no underwire, so it’s much easier on a tender breast. There are also clips where the cup and the strap meet that are easy to unclip and close, making access an easy process for you.

Minimizer by Eva Lingerie

A minimizer bra essentially hugs the breasts firmly to bring them a little bit closer, therefore making them appear slightly smaller and more even. These types of bras can be helpful if you feel as though your breasts are slightly uneven or you are unhappy with their natural shape under clothing. The Lycra material makes this bra feel nice against your skin.

No Side Effects Wire-Free Contour Padded Bra by Warner’s Lingerie


Sometimes it doesn’t matter what type of bra you wear; if you’re not putting it on properly or if it’s not the exact size you need, it always feels like there’s that little bit of skin that bunches up under the armpit creating a bump that doesn’t exist. If you find you have this problem often, this is the bra to get (in the right size!). It’s built with elastic-free laser cut sides that extend to the back to result in an even, smooth finish.

Flex Motion High Impact Racerback Bra by Calvin Klein


If you’re an avid exerciser, you need a sports bra. There’s no debating! As sports attire gets more and more fashion forward, you’ll fit in just fine with the right support in this new addition from Calvin Klein. You have the moisture absorbing technology you need to reduce sweat buildup, you get removable pads, underbust support, and stretch material, among other features.

Play It Cool Wire Free Cooling T-Shirt Bra by Warner’s Lingerie

Let’s face it; breast sweat is a thing now that it’s summer. When you need to wear a bra, one with cooling technology will be your new best friend. This bra features CHILL FX™  lining that cools you down as you begin to sweat. A nice light lift gives a subtle shape and leaves it a little less constricting than most bras.

As we mentioned before, you can leave us a comment below if you have any bra related questions for our Bra Doctor. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we share lots of fun stuff every day. We have Pinterest where we post new products and stuff we’re inspired by, and you can learn more lingerie tips and tricks from our YouTube channel.



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