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Don’t Say That, Say This: Body Positive Language

We love using the “WomenSupportingWomen hashtag whenever we can. We just need more love between us ladies – or female identified – and hey, just everyone in general – especially when it comes to our bodies.

Our society always wants to tell us how our bodies should be, but we’re finally getting to the point that we just don’t care about unrealistic expectations! With this body positive movement comes a lot of comments and discussions that can be more uncomfortable or offensive than one may realize.

So if you’re trying to work towards a more body positive future, try some of these little language suggestions so you don’t end up hurting someone’s feelings or make someone feel bad about who they are.


It may seem harmless, but isn’t always. | via Giphy

DON’T SAY: “You look like you’ve lost weight!”

SAY THIS: “You look great/you’re glowing/you look happy – what are you doing differently?”

Saying something about someone’s physical change helps acknowledge what may be someone’s hard work to get healthy on their terms. But you may not want to say “you’ve lost weight” in case someone didn’t lose weight on purpose. There could be underlying issues that could bring up bad feelings.

Don’t focus on the weight. You can make someone feel good without focusing on the weight, while also getting a tip or two from them if that’s what you want.


We look like US and that’s enough. | via Gfycat

DON’T SAY: “You look like [insert famous person]”

SAY THIS: “You look great!”

This may sound a little bit oversensitive, but hear us out.

We have to STOP comparing ourselves to other people. Sure, this is meant to be a compliment. But when we stop the comparisons of other people, we erase that thought process of comparing ourselves too.


Say it girl! | via Giphy

DON’T SAY: “I look fat/ugly/too skinny/don’t have big or small enough this or that etc … but it looks great on you!”

SAY: “I’m just learning to love this about myself.”

We’re all insecure about different things. So just because you may be insecure about the size of your boobs, another person may wish they had them. And when you say you hate something about your body that someone else has, it can make them feel bad too.

For example, you may call yourself fat even when you’re smaller than your best friend, and so that makes her feel attacked even when you were just talking about yourself.

On that note, even though it’s hard, learn to take compliments! We are just way too good at making excuses for why we shouldn’t accept a compliment. That’s so much more damaging than you may realize. Get in the habit of saying a simple thank you every time someone gives you a compliment, and leave it at that. Soon enough you’ll start internalizing them!

Preach! | via Giphy

Have you ever experienced something that happens all the time, but actually makes you feel bad about yourself? How do you handle situations where people make unwanted comments or comparisons about your body?

Share with us in the comments below!

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