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The Top 5 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are visions of Cupid, red roses, romantic dinner reservations and heart-shaped boxes dancing in your head? Well, maybe it’s time to think outside of the heart-shaped box this year! Here are our Top 5 most creative, romantic, and drop-dead sexy Valentine’s date ideas that will ignite your Valentine’s love flame.

1. Foodie Flirtations

Few things are more romantic than enjoying a special Valentine’s dinner at home together.  Dream up a dish you can create together at home and make it your ‘special dish’ for future Valentine’s Days and romantic evenings. Amp up the arousal by including aphrodisiacs like asparagus, avocados and arugula in your menu. Oysters are famously aphrodisiac, and simply watching your partner devour these seafood treats right out of the shell is sexy. Chocolate is the perfect aphrodisiac dessert, since it is a natural booster of feel-good brain chemicals.  Whether drizzled, baked or bitten into, anything chocolate simply oozes sexiness.

2. Movie Romance for Two

Curl up on the couch and enjoy a romantic movie night together at home. Each of you gets to choose a sexy flick to rent or download that you can enjoy watching back-to-back. No vetoing of each other’s movie pick allowed!  Date Night Tip: precede your romantic movie night with a ‘special dinner for two at home’ and save the chocolate dish for feeding to each other during sexy movie time. Here are a few of my favourites to whet your movie romance appetite:  The Postman Always Rings Twice, 9 & ½ Weeks,  The Age of Innocence, Out of Africa, Mulholland Drive, Body Heat … to name a few. Dim those lights and enjoy!

3.  Bathing in Romance


Melt away winter stress and set the mood for romance by slipping into a warm tub of bubbles together.  Send your sweetheart a Valentine card with a handwritten invitation for a ‘bubble bath for two’.

Mix scented bath oil and liquid bubble bath into the water for silky soft skin and a pleasurable fragrance.  Create a sexy ambiance by scattering a few votive candles around the tub, and pipe soft music into the bathroom through an iPod or portable stereo. Date Night Tip: Save those electrifying moments for between the sheets by ensuring all appliances are kept well away from the tub!

10253110131 Kimono 100% Cotton by Change Of Scandinavia Lingerie / Now That's

10253110131 Kimono 100% Cotton by Change Of Scandinavia Lingerie available at Now That’s Lingerie

Keep cozy and warm afterwards by wrapping up in a luxurious robe or Kimono, like this cotton robe by Change of Scandinavia that will keep you looking and feeling sensuous, post-bubbles.

4.  Lace Up for Love

A Valentine’s ice skating date is fun and playful. You don’t have to skate like an Olympian to enjoy slip-sliding around the ice hand in hand, and an outdoor rink is simply tres romantique. Date Night Tip: guys love helping girls lace up their skates, so even if you’re a pro, be sure to enlist his help. Also, there’s something super sweet about seeing your guy on bended knee, using his manly strength to tighten up those laces for you.

Cap-off your romantic skate date with a sinfully decadent dessert (think aphrodisiac chocolate again!) or warm up with hot cocoa for two by the fire.

5. Fashion Show Fantasy

If we took a men’s poll, chances are Number 5 on our Valentine’s Date Night list will be the hands-down favourite of guys everywhere: capitalize on his male instinct for visual pleasure with a fun and sexy lingerie fashion show. He’ll love getting a Valentine’s Day card with your invitation to a private fashion show, starring you and a delectable new selection of lingerie, for his eyes onlyDate Night Tip:  enhance your lingerie modelling look with sultry make-up and hair, and be sure to wear your sexiest heels and jewellery.

9079 Radiant Rubies Crystal Rhinestone Chemise and Thong Set by Dreamgirl available at Now That’s Lingerie

Kick-off your fantasy fashion show by strutting out in a chemise and thong set that sizzles, like this one from Dreamgirl in red-hot semi-sheer lace.  Something tells me you’ll have a captive audience for the rest of the show… if he lasts that long.


SG2201 Carmen Balcony Bra – SG2202 Lacy Low-Rise Thong-Sg2204-Lacy Suspender Belt, by Curvy Kate available at Now That’s Lingerie

In the next scene of your lingerie show indulge your playful side with retro femininity in this gorgeous long-line balcony bra with matching panties and suspender belt from the Carmen Collection by Curvy Kate. Check out some more gorgeous new arrivals from Curvy Kate.

 5273 Riley Semi-Sheer Lace Camisole by Arianne Lingerie

5273 Riley Semi-Sheer Lace Camisole by Arianne Lingerie available at Now That’s Lingerie

3173 Riley Semi-Sheer Lace Thongboy by Arianne Lingerie available at Now That’s Lingerie

Show him less can be so much more with a finale featuring this ultra feminine camisole and low-rise thongboy from the Riley Collection by Arianne Lingerie For a tantalizing end to your sexy show, and the start of the rest of your Valentine’s date night, spin around to give him an eyeful of the cheeky back of this frilly thongboy.

Now all those in favour of a sexy, out-of-the-chocolate box Valentine’s date night say ‘Yes,YesYes!

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