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How Deep Is Too Deep? V-Necklines, Uncensored

Necklines have long been a hot spot for upping the sexy factor in fashion. Lately, with décolletages plunging deeper and faster than a thermometer in February, the trend is towards exposing everything on the upper half except the most intimate of lady bits.

For many gals, an upcoming Valentine’s Day date means assembling a fabulous outfit that feels sexy and romantic. I for one am baffled about how to wear such dangerously deep V necklines, whether for V Day or any other day–and apparently braless–without putting on a spontaneous topless show! With necklines diving ‘all the way to there’, I have to wonder:  how deep is too deep?

42nd Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom

Jennifer Lopez in her famous Versace gown.

Deep V Divas

J-Lo stole the show at the Grammys back in 2000 with her vibrant green, torso-baring Versace gown. These days, celebs everywhere are rocking deep V necklines, and sometimes not very well. This risqué trend also takes centre stage in one of this year’s biggest blockbuster movies.

Rihanna, Meagan Good and Rebecca Hall, from left to right.

Rihanna, Meagan Good and Rebecca Hall, from left to right.

Recent celeb sightings make it glaringly obvious that 1) gravity, and 2) breast size have everything to do with how plunge-worthy a lady might be. Rihanna has both gravity and size in her favour, plus a good dash of perkiness (if you know what I mean). Meaghan Good sort of pulls it off, but her voluptuous shape is a little too in-your-face and a tad droopy. Rebecca Hall has it ALL going on with a minimalist look in a chic black one-piece jumpsuit.  Hall exudes elegance, showing it’s possible to take the plunge tastefully without letting it all hang out.

Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Adams in American Hustle, from right to left.

Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Adams in American Hustle, from right to left.

Then we have Amy Adams, whose character in this year’s Oscar nominated hit, American Hustle, goes daringly deep with a big nod to ‘70’s fashion. Audiences the world over must be drooling over Amy’s deep V. But just how did she manage to avoid major wardrobe malfunctions while filming? According to American Hustle’s costume designer Michael Wilkinson, the ‘staying put’ was partly due to a ton of strategically placed Body Tape, along with Amy’s constant care about moving her body oh-so carefully to avoid any nip slips.


9014 The Essentials Convertible Bra by Montelle Lingerie available at Now That’s Lingerie

Taking the Plunge

Since it seems that with a little ingenuity this style can actually work, I’d like to offer some tips on how to rock a deep V neckline with panache. For a deep cut neckline that stops short at the lower-cleavage point without exposing everything south of the breasts, a good strapless or plunge bra is ideal. A sexy convertible bra like the Essentials Seamless Strapless bra by Montelle Lingerie works overtime by switching from strapless to halter, criss-cross or with one strap.  This bra is extra low cut for wearing with a tauntingly low neckline. (Check out all our plunge bras and convertible bras here.)




Sg1801 Desire Satin Multi-Way Plunge Bra by Curvy Kate

Sg1801 Desire Satin Multi-Way Plunge Bra by Curvy Kate available at Now That’s Lingerie



For an extra-deep décolletage where you definitely want the shape and lift of a lovely bra,  Now That’s Lingerie offers a fabulous selection of  plunge bras (with and without underwire).  For a plunge that’s seamless and supportive, I love the effortlessly sexy, satiny look of the Desire Multi-Way Plunge Bra by Curvy Kate, available up to G cups.

Or, opt for flirty femininity with the Vicky Plunge Shaper Bra by Change of Scandinavia Lingerie, featuring gorgeous lace and a sassy satin ribbon at the centre.




For those who dare to do the deepest V of all, J-Lo style, the solution is of course that genie in a dispenser, Body Tape.  In fact, this ultra-versatile, dual-sided adhesive tape is likely the one tool that’s allowing the deep V trend to flourish by keeping fabric securely in place and preventing unintentional nip slips and fashion faux pas. Not to mention, there are more uses to  Body Tape too. Be sure to check out our video: Body Tape: How To Use It & Why You Should.

Since the deepest V neckline means going sans bra, a good set of nipple covers should be used in tandem with body tape to smooth things over and prevent an overly nippy look. The plush centre and non-irritating adhesive of these Disposable Nipple Covers by Fashion Essentials makes them comfy against the most delicate part of your breast. These adhesive nipple covers are available in silicone (and can be reused up to 30 times) on fabric.

While I’m mesmerized by stylistas who can pull off going extra-deep in the bodice, I’ll stick with keeping necklines closer to my chin than my belly button on Valentine’s Day and throughout the chilly winter months. You see, with my breasts, I would need a full roll of duct tape to stay in place, plus I don’t relish the thought of walking as stiffly as a Stepford wife to prevent slippage.

To all you ladies who dare to make it a Deep V – Day, my hat is off to you!


What do you think of the Deep V trend? Tell me here by commenting below, on Facebook or Twitter!

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