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Beauty, brains, talent, impeccable style… what DOESN’T Margot Robbie have?

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Ever since her dynamic, sexy role in Wolf of Wall Street, we can’t get enough of this Aussie babe. While she was acting in Australian soaps way before she became a household name across the world, she’s built up quite the amazing resume for being so young.

While most actresses Margot’s age get into the Hollywood party scene and reveal all to the world, Margot has become an Oscar nominated actress, she got married, she became the new face of Chanel, and has seriously impressed fashion lovers everywhere with an elegant yet approachable style.

On the red carpet, Margot isn’t afraid to go for the bold and unexpected, but absolutely nails it every. single. time. When we’ve had a Best Dressed list for any award show, we pretty much always have Margot on the list! She tends to chose classic, extraordinary gowns with modern details, while focusing on fit and expert tailoring. She’s not afraid to get a little bit sexy with some cutouts or plunges, but tends to let her natural beauty and the art of design speak for itself.

When she attends an event, that’s when we get to see some of Margot’s edginess and flair for putting ensembles together. For example, her pairing of a red plaid Mui Mui maxi dress over a plain white tee, while not totally original, is such an awesome look. We often see this look being done with short dresses, but never long! She also makes the simplest things look so cool – like a leopard print tee dress from Louis Vuitton, with straight locks and chunky black shoes.

One of the reasons we, and so many other people, crush on Margot is because while she’s this ultra-successful, mega famous movie star, she’s remained very down to earth and sweet. The same goes for her off-duty style – she’s not afraid to take quality, comfortable pieces that are well-designed and put them together in outfits we can all dream of wearing. Girlfriend can rock a pair of jeans, in pretty much any style!

With all the triumphs in Margot’s corner over the past year, both in her career and fashion, we can’t wait to continue being inspired by her next outfit!

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