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5 Must-Haves for Fall

It seems Fall has crept up on us rather quickly this year, so while you are scrambling to get your wardrobe together, take a minute to make sure you’re equipped with these Top 5 Must-Haves for Fall.

1.   Skinny Jeans or Slim Legged Trousers

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Yes, skinny jeans are still in style. While there may be a rise on the 60s inspired flare jean, the skinny jean should remain as a staple item in your wardrobe. The slim cut of the leg allows your leg to appear longer therefore making you look that much taller and leaner, who wouldn’t want that?

2.   Chunky Heels 

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It seems that this fall we may be revisiting the 1960s. Chunky heels, which were praised in the 60s have made a huge comeback this fall and the best part is these retro heels are available in every color of the rainbow. We don’t know about you but we can’t wait to get a pair of chunky heels.  Our feet deserve a break from those super skinny stilettos!

3.   Outerwear

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Outerwear is definitely a big trend for fall and while it may be an obvious one, this outwear will become the statement piece of your outfit. Patchwork, military, bohemian, fur and colour blocking are some of the styles of outwear we can look forward to. Oh, and capes are still in style, so make sure yours is ready to go.

4.   Lace

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Lace is everywhere you look, and there is a pretty good reason for that. Lace is one of this season’s top trends. Neutral or colored lace can be worn with almost anything. All we ask is that if you are planning to wear head to toe lace, just keep your make up demure.

5.   Tribal

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We started to see the tribal trend over the summer in jewelry, but as we make the transition into fall the tribal trend is changing with us. We are seeing the tribal touch of every type of clothing and accessories with fringes or prints. For now stick with tops and accessories and as the weather gets colder then branch out into boots and sweaters.


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