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5 Things To Boost Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

We don’t all have the means to replace our wardrobe every time a new season comes. As trends come and go, it can get costly to try and stay in style. You know that #ShopNTL LOVES to follow fashion trends, but we recommend only giving into a couple of trends you love each season, and making sure they are ones that can last you for more than one season. That way, you have an excuse to treat yourself to some new things while ensuring their longevity and your return on investment. So if you’re looking to freshen up your closet, here are five things to boost your spring/summer wardrobe!

A Chunky, Bold Stripe

Stripes are not something to be afraid of! They definitely don’t accentuate anything you might want to hide, especially with the right fit and proportions. So take a chance with a chunky, bold stripe as it’s one of the patterns of the season. You can do it in a flowing skirt, a lightweight blouse, or if you dare, even in a pant! It’ll punch up your more basic pieces and stripes will never go out of style.

A Piece That Shows Off Your Shoulders

Want to show a little skin? Luckily, your shoulders are a surprisingly sensual area of your body to show off and everyone’s shoulders look good! A cold shoulder tends to cover up some of the arm, with just a hole at the shoulders for a breezy detail. Rock a cold shoulder in a top or in a dress for a totally appropriate dose of sex appeal to your wardrobe.

A Refreshed Piece of Denim

We all have some denim in our wardrobe. We probably have a couple of skinny pairs, maybe some cool flares, and perhaps a relaxed boyfriend style. It’s time to change it up! Do a printed pattern, a shortall, a skirt, or even an overall. Overalls are back in style and can serve as a comfortable option for your weekend errands.

A Lingerie-Inspired Piece

It could be a slip dress, a bustier style top, a pyjama set, or a bralette top. Find one on #ShopNTL or throughout the stores, as this is one of the most prominent trends right now. It may not be the right option for work, but for play, a lingerie inspired clothing piece will take your wardrobe up a naughty notch.

A Pair Of Cool Sneakers

Sneakers are not just for the gym. Wear a cool pair of sneakers with a dress, with your jeans – the new rule is they pretty much go with everything. Fashion has finally learned that we don’t all want to wear six inch heels for every outfit. If you’re tired of heels, just swap them for a cool pair of sneakers. You can find colourful ones with funky patterns and super modern designs to be as edgy or as eccentric as you want.

What is the one item you really want to add to your wardrobe this season? Share with us in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow our style inspiration on Pinterest, and learn more about what to wear underneath on YouTube.



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