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The Basics: Lingerie Every Woman Should Have

The lingerie world is vast and can be complicated to some. There are so many gorgeous options; how do you choose?! For the minimalist or the woman who has no clue how to pick, we want to show you what you should have from #ShopNTL in your lingerie drawer to have all your bases covered. This will help you have the right options to take you through your various outfits, levels of activity, and more. Make sure you have the essentials, and once you do, you can #ShopNTL for all of the trendy and sexy items you want!

A Comfortable, Basic T-Shirt Bra

You want to have a comfortable, well-fitting t-shirt bra that you can wear for everyday. You’d probably get more use out of a solid colour, but can also go funky; it’s completely up to you. A t-shirt bra is made to be virtually invisible under clothing, so you’re free to wear the tightest tops and know your bra will not stick through. Think about getting a couple of these to ensure you can switch between them to avoid only having one bra to wear each day.

A Nude Bra

This could literally be a nude bra, or a flesh-toned or brown shade; finding a bra as close to your skin tone as possible is ideal. This is a bra you’ll want for those semi-sheer tops, white t-shirts, and lighter fabric items. Once again, a nude or flesh-toned bra will blend in with your skin so that it doesn’t show through your clothes. What style you choose doesn’t matter, as it’s the colour that will serve this purpose for you.

A Strapless or Convertible Bra

We don’t always want our bra straps showing with our outfits, no matter how pretty they are. Get a strapless or convertible bra for your strapless, one-shoulder, cold shoulder, or slinky spaghetti clothing. The straps are so easy to fiddle around with and these types of bras are built with extra support so you don’t have to worry about them falling. For some tips on strapless bras, we recently published a Bra Doctor blog on the topic.

A Sports Bra

If you engage in any kind of activity, whether it’s light walking or heavy workouts, you absolutely need a sports bra. A regular bra doesn’t cut it when it comes to the type of movement your body undertakes while being active. A sports bra will keep your breasts supported and in place, as the elasticity and structure of your breast can get damaged over time without the right support. There are so many kinds of sports bras with different levels of support, and more and more designers are making some really gorgeous sports bras so you don’t have to sacrifice style!

A Seamless Panty

You do not have to wear thongs if you don’t want to! A seamless panty, which can come in almost any style imaginable, is your best friend when it comes to panties. Wear that body conscious dress, that pencil skirt, those tiny jeans – a seamless panty will not show through and panty lines will never exist. Make sure you get the right size though; if they are too small, it’ll dig in to you and could actually create panty lines.

A Cotton/Bamboo Panty

A cotton or bamboo panty is a good option for everyday or for when you’re engaging in any moderate to heavy activities. They naturally absorb moisture and sweat, which you never want building up in your lower half. A lacy panty is not ideal, as it can irritate you as you move which can lead to infection. Once again, seek comfort in knowing that you can find cotton or bamboo panties in any style that you like.

A Comfortable PJ Set

What you wear to bed is more important than you think. Those sexy little teddies and chemises won’t always cut it for you. When you’re sleeping, you want your body to have ample room to breathe, so you want to make sure your pyjamas aren’t too tight or constricting. Let your body rest without the constriction of a bra or panty with a comfortable, breathable, and soft PJ set.

What is the one piece of lingerie you can’t live without? Share with us in the comments below, or write to us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also see our #ShopNTL catalogue throughout our Pinterest page, and learn more tips and tricks from our YouTube channel.



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