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When To Say Goodbye To Your Lingerie

We spend a lot of money on our lingerie, and so we wear it often and for as long as we can. There comes a moment in every piece of lingerie where it loses its use – it doesn’t matter how great the quality is, it will happen eventually. There are ways to make our lingerie last longer, but we can only do so much. Continuing to wear ill-fitting lingerie that’s past its lifespan isn’t a good idea; we won’t be getting the proper support we need anymore. So how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your lingerie? Here are some of our #ShopNTL tips to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you need to dispose of your lingerie and replace it with some more #ShopNTL pieces.

When The Cups Lose Their Form

image via Google Images

image via Google Images

Cups are durable enough to hold the shape of our breasts, lift them up, and keep them secure. If you don’t store your bras properly, and just with time, the shape will loosen up a bit and even stretch out. You may notice that this leaves your bra cups a little looser than usual, and may even distort your shape depending on the material. There’s no fixing this – this means it’s time to say goodbye to that bra.

When There Are Holes

This can happen to delicate fabrics because of too much pulling and from putting on and removing your bra. You’ll probably notice holes in the wings, especially with mesh or lace, or even in your cups. This goes with your panties too. It doesn’t necessarily affect the function of your bras and panties depending on where the hole is located, but you deserve to wear lingerie that isn’t falling apart! Ditch the holes and indulge in the new.

When The Underwire Comes Out

via Google Images

via Google Images

You need your underwire to keep the proper support. Yes, there are some little DIYs you can do when the underwire begins to pop out, but they are only temporary fixes. Your underwire can poke into your armpit or your torso, which will only cause you pain and irritation. Trying to pull out the underwire and converting it to a wire-free bra won’t work either, as it wasn’t taken into account when designing it to be worn without a wire.

When There Are Stains

It’s the same as holes; while they may not make a difference to you, it’s nice to have clean lingerie. When it comes to panties though, this is especially important. Germs and bacteria can build up in stains, and you don’t want to be exposing yourself to that.

When They Don’t Fit Anymore

A temporary solution if your bra doesn't fit - a bra back extender.

A temporary solution if your bra doesn’t fit – a bra back extender.

As life continues, our breasts and our bodies will continue to change, meaning they grow or shrink or change shape. It’s totally normal. However, you need to replace your lingerie when you notice a change to make sure you’re wearing the right size with proper support and structure. Don’t squeeze yourself into ill-fitting bras and panties to avoid circulation issues, improper support, and especially with panties, infections. For bras, a slight difference in size can be resurrected with a bra back extender or other accessories, but a noticeable difference means it’s time to measure yourself and buy a new bra.

Perfect Body Shapewear Underwired 3-Part Bra and Shapewear Panty Girdle by Naturana Lingerie

Perfect Body Shapewear Underwired 3-Part Bra and Shapewear Panty Girdle by Naturana Lingerie


Penelope Padded Bra and Mid-Rise Hipster by Affinitas Parfait

Penelope Padded Bra and Mid-Rise Hipster by Affinitas Parfait

Once you’ve gone through this list, before you throw out your lingerie, read this Bra Doctor blog on how to recycle and reuse your lingerie and see if you can salvage any of it!



Do you have any other experiences or tips that you can share with us for when it’s time to say goodbye to your lingerie? Share with us in the comments below, or chat with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also pin more lingerie tips from our Pinterest, or watch our informative videos on YouTube.




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