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5 Ways to Love Your Body And Your Lingerie

With everyone trying to live up to their New Year’s Resolutions, and the doldrums of cold weather putting a damper on everything, it’s a good time to remind everyone of different ways to get excited about your lingerie AND your body. Follow these tips to rejuvenate your wardrobe and your spirits!


Stop Wearing Uncomfortable Undergarments

This Fall in Luxe Wire-Free Bra by Warners offers sultry uplift & comfort.

It sounds so simple, but it’s something that so many women struggle with every day. The best way to feel better about both your body and your lingerie is to get rid of everything that doesn’t fit and replace it with garments that do. If your weight or body shape has changed recently, it’s a great idea to get refitted – some experts say that cup and back size can change often, and you should get fitted at least every six months! (Click here to read How Often Should I Renew My Bras? By Bra Doctor).

Try A New Style

The winter blues are a great excuse to slip into something more stunning, fun, and sexy; but even just changing up the basics of your lingerie wardrobe will add some excitement to your day. Have you always worn briefs? Try an equally comfortable but booty-emphasizing boy short. Always worn cotton bras? See what a lacy bra does for you.  Go for a navy blue or purple bra instead of your traditional black.  Even trading a basic for another basic will spice up your closet and give you different silhouettes to play with.

Arianne 5339 Marilyn Lace Bustier With Boning And Padded Underwire Bra at Now That's Lingerie

Sizzle in this curve-flattering Marilyn lace bustier by Arianne!

Emphasize Your Assets

This is the time of year when everyone freaks about their bodies and goes into over-drive trying to get into their best shape before spring (and later bathing suit season) arrives. Because of this, it’s also a good time to remember all the things you love about your body, and find ways of emphasizing the aspects you love with lingerie and clothing. An hourglass shape looks great with a corset, like the Marilyn Lace Bustier Bra by Arianne Lingerie, and the structure hides a tummy. A short robe, like the Decadence Satin Kimono by Blush Lingerie, will highlight long legs, especially in a pair of high heels. Feeling good about your assets will help you shift the focus from any insecurities you may have.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Triumph 1983 Soft Romance Padded Seamless Bra available on Now That's Lingerie

Even changing the colour of your basics can be mood-altering.

Are you the kind of person who wears underwear until there are holes in them? Do you keep bras that are extremely stretched out because you might have to wear them on “laundry day”, or own several pairs of old jeans you’re keeping around just in case you decide to paint your bedroom? Honestly, it’s finally time to get rid of them. I myself suffer from holding on to clothing too long – I’ve thought many times “No one can see the holes but me”… until of course I go to the gym. Worn-out clothing doesn’t make you feel good, and keeping items that you’ll never wear again just overwhelms your mind and your closet.  Donate them or trash them, and spend time finding new clothing that you’ll actually enjoy wearing.  Read about how you can recycle your bras to make someone else feel good, too.

Wrap yourself in luxury in this short satin Decadence kimono by Blush.

Spend Time in the Good Stuff

It’s fun to have fancy, exciting lingerie, but it’s less fun if it stuck in the back of the drawer all the time.

Fancy lingerie is often the most expensive, yet often these are the pieces we wear the least (maybe for the sake of preserving them). So spend some time in your best lingerie, either relaxing around the house, going out for a night on the town, or even heading to work. You know you feel great in it, so why not wear it around? It’ll feel like a special, sexy secret that will have you glowing.  And nothing is sexier than confidence.

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