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Tips for Men Shopping for Lingerie Gifts

There comes a time in a guy’s life when he finds a special girl, and the moment rolls around that he wants to give her something special. Perhaps a romantic getaway is in store, or maybe a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Flowers and chocolates are nice, but there needs to be something more personal about your gift to her, and that is what she will appreciate the most.  Intimate gifts are intimate forms of expression, may come naturally to you as the next phase in a relationship when the occasion arises.

So, what’s a man to do?

2007 Catherine Lace Teddy by Arianne available at Now That's Lingerie

Sexy red lingerie is a staple for V-Day, but make sure it’s to her taste.

Lingerie is a time-honoured gift that men have given to ladies they hold dear, and it’s an undertaking not for the faint of heart. Lingerie is a very personal form of endearment (after all, it is the closest thing to her skin).  Though a daunting task, shopping for the right lingerie for her isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Guys, if lingerie is something you want to get your gal, I can give a few hints to the first-time buyer for female undergarments.  Below I have listed three MUSTS for offering lingerie to your leading lady.

First Lingerie-Giving MUST: Know her right size.

Don’t outright ask her for her measurements, since this will give your intended gift idea away, not to mention make her feel uncomfortable and question why.  Use a little bit of stealth, if you have to, in order to make the right size choice.  Peek through her dresser drawers. Next time your lady is in the shower, or sleeping, or out, that’s your chance to do a little research. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to jot down some notes. Go through tags. Look for labels printed inside her bras or panties – specifically check for items you know she finds comfortable or wears often, as these are likely a more accurate size guide.This step may prove to be the most challenging, but trust me, it’s all much easier from here.

During your reconnaissance mission, take the opportunity to quickly scan her selection of bras, panties, and sleepwear. Get a feel for her style. This will prove useful for the next step.

A long satiny nightie with lace is perfect for any classy femme fatale.

Second Lingerie-Giving MUST: Think of her personal style.

Just like you have a certain taste in underwear, so does your lady. Does she have lots of lace? Is all of her underwear matching sets, or does she have different colours and styles of bras with separate panties? Is she an all-white kind of gal, or does she lean toward bright colours in her panty stash? What type of fabrics does she like? Were they stretchy, natural cotton, or do all of her underthings have a silky feel to them? Most importantly, what kind of woman is she? Does she prefer a simple, sportier approach to lingerie, or have risqué preference for lace and silk?  Is she a more flamboyant gal who loves each fabrics and colours, or even a classy lady with timeless retro sensibilities?

If you want to swing it safe and are overwhelmed by the colour, material, and cut choices of lingerie and sleepwear; your best bet is to go with a matching two-piece set, typically in black or white, or her favourite colour (if you remember it!).

Third Lingerie-Giving MUST: Opt for Nice or Naughty over Trashy.

If there is a matching set for the bra you want, make sure to get the complete package – bra, panty/thong/hipster, and garter belt. If buying a garter belt, buy stockings to go with them also, so her ensemble is ready-to-wear and she won’t have to go and buy the missing items by herself.   Think about how confident she is (or should be), and make sure your gift can help her feel wonderful about her body and herself.  If she has extra-long legs, try a short chemise or kimono.  (Read 5 Ways To Love Your Lingerie And Your Body for tips on how to make the most of her assets when choosing lingerie.)

A satin kimono will make her feel wrapped in luxury.

You’re offering her the gift of lingerie and the feeling of pampered beauty she deserves, so that you can enjoy seeing her in (and out) of her outfit, but if she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing it because it doesn’t work for her personal style or tastes, she probably won`t put it on again.  The gift is for her, first and foremost.  So, if she wouldn’t be comfortable in a corset, don’t force one on her.

Maybe a sultry chemise (nightgown) or a teddy (like a bodysuit) is more suited to her style, so give her one of those in a fabric she’ll love, like silk or satin or ultra-soft viscose or cotton.  This gift is about her unique style and wonderful personality, and anything you get for her – especially feminine undergarments – should reflect that.

No matter what you choose, presentation matters, so wrap up your present formally and enticingly. Get a big bow or beautiful paper. Make it a game for extra adventure –  if you get different pieces, have her open separate packages or hide them in different rooms.  Whatever you do, make sure you present your gift with a charming smile and a kiss she won’t be able to resist.

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