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Braless At Home: Are There Risks?

You’ve seen the memes and heard the cries of joy that have been all over about how staying at home means most of us are wearing our bras less. Maybe you’ve taken a break from your bra collection all together?

Many are loving not having to wear a bra all of the time! | Image via Daily Star

There hasn’t really been a long term, conclusive study on the effects of wearing vs. not wearing a bra, so you might find yourself confused as to what the right call is. 

Here’s what you should know about whether or not going braless at home has any risks or rewards, and what you should know based off of the information out there. 

Going Braless Does Not Equal Saggy Breasts

A wireless bra that fits well kind of feels like you’re going braless. | Montelle Wireless Padded Seamless T-Shirt Bra

There is no direct correlation between going without a bra and saggy breasts. 

There are some theories out there that going without the support of a bra could cause some strain on the breasts, especially if you have full or heavy breasts. You do have some strong tissue there, but there’s no muscle you can build unfortunately, despite popular belief. 

Wearing a bra all day, every day will not add to the perkiness of your breasts either. Gravity and age will run its course on all of us, and all breasts are beautiful, even if they don’t reach for the sky anymore. 

Comfort Is Key

This bra feels like you’re wearing nothing, but with support that you need.
| Wire-Free Supportive Racerback Bra by Miel

Trying to determine whether or not you should wear a bra, and how often, mostly comes down to your personal comfort. Letting the babies breathe every now and then is a liberating feeling; we can’t deny that. 

A good rule of thumb is to pay attention to how your body responds to not wearing a bra. If you have bad posture, you might notice – especially if you have a larger bust – some slight discomfort or even pain. That’s a sign you might need to throw a bra into the mix. We often don’t realize just how much supportive relief our bra gives our backs. 

A nice middle ground option is a bralette, since they don’t come with wires, and are typically less structured than normal bras. They feel light and comfortable, but they are still supportive enough that you can get what you need out of a bra. Wireless bras are also a great option for support and comfort, since if you’re sitting around all day, you might not want to deal with underwires all the time.

Note: If you’re going to be working out, exercising, or even going for a walk, don’t do it without a bra. You really should be wearing a sports bra for any level of activity. All of that moving and shaking could cause strain on your breasts without the right support, which could lead to pain and discomfort. 

Some small tips to help keep you comfortable if you want to ditch the bras sometimes while working from home or staying home to remain safe are to watch your posture, opt for a quick self massage every now and then (or have your partner do it), and enjoy yourself! There’s no need to stress, since there really isn’t any evidence of long-term harm from not wearing a bra all of the time. 

If you’re noticing painful breasts, back pain, shoulder pain, or heaviness, throw on a bra or bralette every now and then to give yourself a break. Plus, with all of our recent additions, it’ll be hard not to shop from home for something new to model around the house!

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