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All My Single Ladies!

That’s right – It’s Valentine’s Day and I am, indeed, single!  While this is fine by me,  it does not mean I plan on letting Cupid’s holiday pass me by!  This year, I have decided to splurge on myself.  After all, I have worked hard all year, so why not give myself a little love?

Now, when it comes down to spoiling someone, my motto is to always try and find a gift that they would never buy for themselves.  You know what I’m talking about; a mani-pedi for a friend who spends an hour every weekend painting her nails; an electric mixer for a roommate who loves spending time in the kitchen but struggles with a whisk every time she bakes her delicious goodies; concert tickets for a friend whose favourite band is coming to town, etc.  I’m taking this approach in picking my own Valentine’s day gift, and going for some fun, sexy lingerie!  After all, lingerie isn’t just for a significant other – it’s also about how beautiful you feel in it.  I’ve narrowed it down to my top picks, but I don’t know which one to choose!  Here are my top 3 choices for a Valentine’s day gift to me, from me:

Grenier Vintage Molded Lace Underwire Bra & Vintage Control Panty
As I’ve mentioned, I love vintage!  This look is classy, demure and fabulously retro.  The sexy black lace is seamless, and the cup creates a beautiful, round shape.  The white lace detailing offers an interesting contrast that is a thrilling throwback to the black & white fad of the 1960’s.  It’s the high-waisted panties that complete this ensemble, however – even better, they’re control-top!

Eva’s Rosanna Underwired Bra & Low-Rise Bikini
I am also a total sucker for florals. The Rosanna collection by Eva is made with delicate lace and the prettiest floral material that is fresh, dainty and simply gorgeous in bright, lively colours.  The panties are adorable and low-rise, making them perfect for wear under hip-hugging jeans or pants.


Blush Lingerie‘s Hot Envy Lace Demi-Bra & Hot Envy Lace Thong
I love demi-bras.  Not one for over-the-top cleavage, this padding-free demi-bra offers a sexy, natural lift – just the way I like it!  The intricate lace and mesh combination in the breathtaking “Redberry” colour will leave you feeling like a secret vixen.    This look is bold, sexy, and positively fierce.

What should I do, ladies? Offer your help by sending your suggestions to!


Can’t wait to hear from you and wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!






  • Lonnie

    Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for three lovely suggestions. I have had for sometime now the Grenier vintage control panty. I had tried some others over the years but when worn all day they would have a tendency to roll down at the top. But this one stays put. i work physically in construction and it not only stays put, it is also very comfortable. And I love the lace on it. I can dress for construction on the outside, yet feel feminine and sexy underneath. I have not bought the bra yet but I may do so upon your recommendation. I for one would recommend the control panty. It is great!

    I love the looks of the new Blush lingerie but alas, their sizes are too small for my full figured body. I have my eyes on the Rosanna collection. It looks real pretty and the bras come in my size. I love the floral colors. I think it would make a perfect spring outfit. If I were you I think you too should treat yourself to the Floral camisole and matching undergarments. Thanks for your delightful blog. I can feel your excitement in it.


  • rachel

    Hello Lonnie!

    Isn’t it so great when you can find something as beautiful AND comfortable AND practical as the Grenier control panty? What you said about wearing it all day as you work in construction really shows what a good quality product this is. I would say go for the bra – the bra-panty combo is super sexy and totally stunning when worn together!

    I agree that the Rosanna collection is absolutely darling… and I think it would be flattering to my fair skin tone as well! Thank you for your comment and your thoughtful suggestion!


  • Lonnie

    Hi Rachel,
    I am eagerly awaiting the Rosanna underwire bra & pantie. I just think it looks adorable with the floral pattern and lace. I ordered the set a little while ago. It just is such an “eye appealing” set, and with being tired of winter, just looking at it makes me anxious for spring. I will let you know when I get it !!

  • rachel

    Yay, Lonnie! I’m sure you will look fresh and radiant in your new lingerie! Be sure to let me know how you like it. 🙂
    Also – I know how you feel about the anticipation for spring, I can’t wait, either! Sunshine, terraces, dresses… *sigh*

  • Lonnie

    I received my new Eva Rosanna bra & pantie yesterday. I love them both. They are so- ooo comfortable, sensuous and soft. The lace is so amazing. You know how some lace can feel “scratchy”. This lace is so soft. It feels so good on!! The colors are vibrant, the lace detail is exquisite. The bikini feels so light, you have to check to see if you have it on !!
    When I tried them on yesterday, I didn’t want to take them off, they looked and felt so good!! Thank you Bra Doctor for recommending this set. It is absolutely the prettiest set I ever had !! And thanks to you Rachel for your article which helped me in making the choice. I feel like “Spring” has arrived !!

  • admin

    Lonnie, I also love the Rosanna set and I get rave reviews from my customers about it too! So glad you’re feeling the beauty of Spring! 🙂

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