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New Bra Doctor Blogger, Rachel, Helping You Put the “I” in Fashion!

Hello Ladies!

As a woman who has spent the greater part of her life in bras that didn’t fit, I know just how frustrating, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful that can be.  Eventually, I got the help I so desperately needed, and here I am to pay it forward!  Can’t wait to get started, and hope to hear back from you with your fashion and lingerie questions and opinions!

My name is Rachel, and I am a creative young intellectual with a love for theatre, film and music.  I am in the process of entering a new stage in my life as a recent graduate pursuing a career in the art world.  I am also known for my own unique sense of fashion and have a fierce passion for anything vintage.  Therefore, I am dedicated to the hunt for clothes that are unique and interesting while still looking clean and professional.

It has taken time and experimentation to coordinate outfits that satisfy my creative- and business-mindedness.  I’ll even admit the occasional oh-my-god-I-left-the-house-like-that blunders.  It happens!  But in the past few years I have truly discovered that it is possible to express yourself and shine in ensembles that simultaneously push the boundaries of fashion and look fantastic.

Here are three easy steps I use to help you create a look that is totally and fabulously “you”.

1) Work From the Inside-Out
Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear.  Then comes lingerie.  Underwear comes in all shapes and sizes for a reason – let’s face it ladies, we can’t all look like a Charlie’s Angels era Farrah Fawcett!  Personally, I have a small rib cage and very large breasts, which makes finding a bra that fits a challenge.  But it’s worth the search!  Only properly fitted bras and panties can offer you the comfort you need to keep you confident and content in your own skin.
2) Splurge on Basics
Every woman needs a few great pairs of pants, a figure-flattering jacket or two, some well-made, comfortable shirts and blouses, and at least one pair of jeans that gives your butt that “Oomph!” that makes you feel like a Motown diva.  These are the elements of your wardrobe that you will use on a daily basis and should make you look and feel comfy and gorgeous, so treat yourself.
3) Play With Accessories
Funky glasses, furry vests, printed vintage dresses, wide-legged trousers, colourful shoes, red lipstick, and flashy jewelry are all fashion DO’s – just not all at once!  Once you’ve got a great set of bras and panties and a solid collection of classic, reliable basics, you can have some fun and rebel a little with accessories like these.  Consider them the icing on your fashion cake.

Now go out there, get creative and just be you!
Yours Truly,



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