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Hi Ladies!

You know that feeling you have when you get one step closer to reaching that goal of yours? Whether it’s a pair of designer jeans you just have to have, lasting a full hour on the treadmill or completing a challenging assignment for work, we all know what it’s like to want something with all your heart. Well, I’ve got some great news that I can’t wait to share with you all: this week I landed two job interviews!

The first is at a museum in downtown Montreal. I’m ecstatic, as a position there could really further my career. The second is for an online music publication as a writer/reviewer. As a frequent concert-goer, a huge fan of the Montreal music scene, and a budding writer, this, too, is an amazing opportunity!

Because I am simply over the moon about these recent developments, I have already chosen my interview outfits! Now, I believe strongly in expressing yourself through your clothing. After all, first impressions last forever and about 90% of communication is nonverbal. Think about it; what does your appearance say about you? For job interviews, it’s important to take the time and choose ensembles that make you feel comfortable, beautiful and confident – with this combo, you won’t be forgotten any time soon!

To figure out the perfect look, ask yourself the following questions: What will my work environment look like? What will my potential boss be wearing? Who will be my audience at this job? The goal is to look like you already work there! This is why I have actually chosen two different outfits – one for each interview!

Here is what I plan to wear on my music industry interview:

Because the publication focuses on local, independent and alternative music and its readers are young, hip and fashionable, this outfit, while inappropriate for many professional situations, is perfect for this one! The black turtleneck and dark-wash jeans paired with the fur vest and motorcycle boots balance clean and sharp with lots of attitude. Add a punch of colour with the scarf and “Poof!” – the outfit is complete.

And now for my museum interview ensemble!

Looks that channel an air of 70s glamour are everywhere this season and I couldn’t be more delighted! I’m recycling the stunning black top, this time pairing it with some wide-leg trousers. This cut is extremely flattering and looks great with a killer pair of heels; an amazing combo, especially if, like me, you’ve got curvy hips and thighs and/or fall a little on the short side. The gold bracelet is a classic and adds a nice metallic touch, and contrary to popular belief, YES, it’s okay to mix black and brown!

Wish me luck on my interviews, and hey, worse come to worst, at least I will have looked good!

Ta-ta for now,

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  • Jai


    This is so great, good luck on both of your interviews, you’re gonna look supa stylish. You go girl!


  • rachel

    Hi J,

    Thank you very much! My fingers are definitely crossed.

    So glad you enjoyed the blog,

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