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At Now That’s Lingerie, we believe that lingerie should make you feel confident, empowered, and sexy. But when you take a look in the mirror to admire your perfectly curated outfit, and discover that dreaded bulge underneath your back band, those feelings subside and you may be left feeling discouraged.

Needless to say, that particular bulge, sometimes referred to as “back fat” or “back boobs” is hardly related to weight. It has everything to do with the size of our bras. Believe it or not, that unwanted appearance of back fat do not only occur because a bra is too tight; in fact, these bumps can be created by a loose-fitting bra as well!


For this reason and others, taking the time to learn your correct size through a proper bra fitting is absolutely paramount. The only way to avoid the appearance of bulges on your back is to make sure you are wearing the proper bra that fits well, but of course gives you the support and coverage you need.

If you’re finding this issue with the bras that you are wearing, and you know what size bra you need to look for, consider bras that you find fit you comfortably. Moreover, you want a bra with a wider band that sits under your arms and across your back. The back band is especially helpful for an endowed woman. Furthermore, a wider back band can hold in any extra flesh you may have in that area and sit smoothly across your back to avoid creating bumps and lumps.

Here are a few recommendations for bras built with these features, and available up to a G cup.

1| Signature Support Satin Underwire With Side Sling! By Olga


This bra is an excellent marriage of comfort and support with a lightly padded foam sling all around the cups. Not only does this bra feature everything you need to create that seamless look to reduce “back boob,” but it naturally produces a smooth finish under clothing. Find this bra here on Now That’s Lingerie.

2| The Essentials Pure Plus Seamless T-Shirt Bra by Montelle Lingerie

This lovely bra comes in a variety of colours and sizes up to G cups, and will have you feeling lifted and secure. The straps are easily adjustable, the cups are soft, and the lace adds that beautiful, feminine detail from under the arms to the back.

3| Amourette Galloon Lace Balconette Bra by Triumph Lingerie

How stunning is this scalloped, lacy number featuring the wide back straps necessary for eliminating our back bulge? The low cut and underwire also allow for boosted cleavage and although the cups are lightly lined, you will feel lifted and comfortable in this bra. This bra is available in different colours and allows you to target your back bulge without sacrificing style.

As much as we may preach the importance of a perfect fit, sometimes our bodies change so much that it can be difficult to know your true size. Instead of purchasing new bras every time you feel your bra is just a little loose or tight, consider looking at Bra Back Extenders to add that little bit of stretch you need. They can be found in several measurements and colours and are one of the smartest (and affordable) investments you can make. Consider your shoulder straps as well, because a simple adjustment can make a world of a difference on how your bra feels and how it makes you look.


Our undergarments are the foundation upon which we build our look every day. We want them to do us justice and serve their purpose. This means allowing yourself to invest in a well-manufactured bra with the upmost quality and features that serve you well. Before you shell out your hard-earned dollars for your bras, however, be sure to try every single one on; just because it says “32DD” it doesn’t mean that every 32DD will fit you the same way.

Have questions about bra fitting or need help finding your perfect fit? Ask our Bra Doctor, Celine:





  • grey alami

    So, you show only tiny, skinny models when talking about how a well-fitting bra can banish those “back boobs” for good? Those women don’t have enough fat on their torso for this to EVER be an issue! What a worthless post.

  • admin

    Hello there!

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we don’t choose the models that are featured in the images for the lingerie sold on Now That’s Lingerie. The images are to showcase the lingerie; not the body type. An ill-fitting bra creating back boobs or similar issues is not just an issue for plus women – it can be an issue for everyone. We believe all women are beautiful and can be served some lingerie advice, on all sides of the spectrum.

    – The NTL Team

  • Leigh Ayn Silvey

    It would be helpful to see the back of each of these bras since that’s what this article is pertaining to. So many bras have large cups, underwires (I refer to them as angle iron) and then only 3 clasps. Makes no sense to me.

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