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Summertime usually means showing off more skin. Maybe it’s because the heat makes us feel more daring (or too hot to care), so we’re willing to take an inch or two off our hemlines and opt for more revealing cleavage. With weddings, engagements, parties and potential vacation plans coming up, wearing the right bra pads for your needs and shape are an easy way to make sure you can get the lift you want, suitable for any occasion. Here’s your guide to shopping for bra pads.

Even Out Uneven Breasts

Fabric Add-a-Size Bra Pads Fashion Essentials available at Now That’s Lingerie

One of the most common bra fitting problems I hear women ask about is that their breasts are not the same size.  Symmetry is overrated; there is usually at least a small difference between your right and left breast. If it’s noticeable (e.g. one size is a full cup size smaller/bigger than the other), then you may feel uncomfortable or as though your bras don’t fit properly.

Bra Doctor Recommends: Slipping a bra pad into the smaller side in your bra. Try a lightweight pad that adds a full cup size like Fabric Add-A-Size pads by Fashion Essentials. This will even out both sides quickly and easily.

Silicone Bra Pads by Bra Doctor

More Bra Doctor Suggestions: If your breasts are more like a half cup size difference or only fluctuate in size when you menstruate, a smaller pad like the silicone ones by Bra Doctor is ideal. Put one pad into the smaller side – it fits smoothly against your breasts and moulds to you with its special heat technology for a natural look that will even out your bust line.

Create Flirty Uplift

Boost your girls in a natural way with bra pads that offer a subtle uplift, a look that’s much in demand as an accessory for lower-necklined dresses and tops. Or just for fun nights out on the town!

Bra Doctor Recommends: Umph! silicone bra pads by Fashion Essentials or Bra Doctor silicone pads will give you the slight boost you’re looking for. Slip them into your bra along the bottom of the underwires or underband to get a boost upwards; for more of a push-up effect in the middle (e.g. for a slight V of cleavage) you can try putting the pads more along the underwires/sides of the bra.

Look Flawless in a Bikini

Beach Silicone Enhancers by Fashion Essentials

We know that some bikinis and swimsuits can make us self-conscious at the beach or pool. Your top may have an integrated bra or offer a good support – essential to feeling comfortable and confident whether you’re tanning, swimming or meandering along the shore. But you may not want your nipples to show through, and you may want a little more uplift (especially if you’re daring enough to own AND wear a string bikini).

Bra Doctor Recommends: Insert Beach silicone pads into your bathing suit or bikini top – many have a pocket inside of the top that will let you discreetly slip in the pads and have them stay in place. These pads will lift and shape your breast, with a triangular shape that’s good for virtually any shaped top.

Add Volume to Your Petite Bust

Glam Silicone Enhancers by Fashion Essentials

I think petite busts are very beautiful naturally, but sometimes petite-busted women want more volume up top. You can increase your bustline in a noticeable but subtle way that suits your body and shape. Don’t go overboard. Huge and heavy pads made out of gel, silicone or water can weigh you down and make your breasts look low and heavy rather than perky.

Bra Doctor Recommends: Trying a pad that increases your cup size by one, like Glam silicone pads from Fashion Essentials. These help fill in your breasts by a full cup size while shaping them for a natural effect under any top or bra.  The  Fabric Add-A-Size pads by Fashion Essentials and Bra Doctor silicone pads I suggested earlier, are also great options to enhancing any petite bust.

Get Va-Va-Voom Cleavage

Flirt Silicone Enhancers by Fashion Essentials

If you want to enhance your bustline in a dramatic way, some bra pads can lift your breasts and create a much fuller-looking bust. Make sure you choose your bra pads to reflect the occasion or setting– e.g. a more demure bust is appropriate for a professional environment or religious setting.

Bra Doctor Recommends: Try Flirt silicone pads by Fashion Essentials to get the ample cleavage you’re seeking. Make sure you wear a bra that is lined to create a more seamless and unified look under your clothes. Don’t forget to re-adjust your bra straps and bra back to accommodate the extra volume.

Smooth & Define Any Bustline

Sculpt Silicone Enhancers by Fashion Essentials

Score a seamless look under your tops with a bra pad that helps even out your breasts, while feeling lifted. A bra pad that covers nearly your entire breast (typically this kind of pad will cover approximately three-quarters of your breast) to give a round shape that also lifts and adds a little volume.

Bra Doctor Recommends: wearing Sculpt silicone pads by Fashion Essentials will make your breasts appear rounded and lifted with a seamless look. Ideal for B cups or bigger and for women who are nursing or have just finished nursing. I also suggest these for helping hide your nipples under tighter tops. These bra pads are also great to even out uneven breasts over a B cup, by slipping just one pad into the smaller side.

More reasons to love/own bra pads:

-easy maintenance, wash and care (especially silicone or fabric)
-easy bra fitting solutions
-different bra pads for various needs and looks
-wearable with any bra
-available in nude or clear
-easy to travel with
-inexpensive (especially when compared to surgery or buying new bras with different pads!)

Article by Celine (Bra Doctor) & Lisa

Do you still have a question about which bra type to get for your particular needs or body tape? E-mail me (Celine the Bra Doctor) at

All bra pads shown are available on Now That’s




After 25 years in the lingerie industry, I've helped thousands of women feel confident and look fantastic in their lingerie. I'm the resident Bra Doctor for Now That's, which I founded over ten years ago as a way to help cater to the needs of as many women possible! I receive dozens of e-mails from women who can't seem to feel comfortable in their bras. I'm here to show that you CAN find a bra that works for you. Sometimes all you need are little tips! I hope you enjoy my bra fitting advice, experiences and thoughts. I'll also be sharing news about lingerie giveaways and deals that can't be missed. Contact me personally for personalized help finding your perfect fit:




  • Georgina

    Can you please tell me which of the above are best for larger busts without making them appear even bigger please?



  • admin

    Hi Georgina, thanks for your question. The type of bra pads which are best for larger busts depends on what your needs are. However with any bra pads, you may notice a small increase in size, or lift, or shape. If you don’t want a noticeable increase in size but want to get a boost anyway, I can suggest padded (by padded, I don’t mean push -up, but bras which are lined for a sleeker effect under clothing), balconette bras or demi bras for you to try. These will help lift you with a natural-looking finish.

    You can take a peek at some padded bras here:

    Balconette bras offer three-quarter coverage and give wonderful and comfortable support while leaving a bit of cleavage at the top.

    Demi bras offer half coverage which you can wear with even lower-cut tops and dresses and give you a nice, uplifted shape with less coverage than a balconette bra.

    I would be happy to suggest some bra styles for you based on your size and needs. You can email me any time at or or call me toll-free at 1-855-521-4244.

    Bra Doctor

  • Lily R

    Hi Bra Doctor:

    I am one of the ladies blessed with an uneven bust. The difference is larger than a cup size, may be like a cup & 1/2. The add a size pads you recommend, according to their product info, are for sizes A-C. I’m actually closer to a D on the larger side. Any pads you recommend to get the smaller side closer to a D? I’ll settle for it being up to a C, but wondered if you had any suggestions.


  • admin

    Hi Lily,

    Thanks for your question. The fabric Add-a-Size pads, or the Glam silicone pads are made expressly to add a cup size to your bustline. Those work for A to C cup and even a small D cup, so they would work for you in this case too. You can try to wear one in the smaller side and it would help even out your bust. You can try wearing a lightly padded bra as well (without any padding, just a molded contour bra) to minimize the difference and smooth out your shape.

    You can contact me if you need more specific help or suggestions tailored to your sizing needs.

    Have a beautiful day,

  • Jen

    Hello! I’m looking for some kind of bra pad that will keep the girls front and center, instead of falling (sort of) to each side. Don’t want to increase my bust size (I’m already a DD), but I want to appear thinner by keeping the bust out of my armpits would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

    Jen ♥

  • admin

    Hey Jen,

    It sounds like first and foremost, you need a supportive balcony bra that fits well, and will take all of your breasts from your underarm area and give you uplift and shape.

    Click here to see some sexy balcony bras. I am also here to help for more specific sizing help.

    If you’re already wearing a DD and want extra uplift, once you’re wearing a properly fitting balcony bra, you can try the Sculpt pads by Fashion Essentials, which are made specifically for fuller figured busts.

  • Jen

    Hello again! Thank you for your reply. I’m not familiar with “Balcony Bras”, but from what I gathered on the internet, they are not full coverage (they are 1/2 to 3/4 coverage) and opt to push you up, therefore, making you look rounder and fuller. This is definitely not what I want. I do want a better looking shape, as I said in my previous post, but I don’t want to be pushed up or made to look bigger. 🙁

  • admin

    Hi Jen,

    Balcony bras offer 3/4 coverage of your breasts. (Demi bras offer 1/2 coverage.) Balcony bras can be padded or non-padded and vary in fabric and shape. Balcony bras do not push up your breasts like a push-up bra would (and push-up bras are ALWAYS padded). Balcony bras give a natural lift your breasts by gathering the breast tissue from your underarm area and below the breast (which is what any properly fitting bra should do). By doing this, they can eliminate back fat, make your sides and waist look slimmer and smooth out your shape under your clothing. Unlined balcony bras will not make you look more fuller busted. They will give you the everyday support and coverage you need, with a natural lift and shape that will ease the weight off your back and shoulders by evening it out.

    In your case, I recommend a non-padded balcony bra that will give you the proper support (which is ideal for any woman wearing a DD cup size or bigger), without that excessive push-up look that you’re trying to avoid. Most bras are balcony bras and are popular because they offer support but can also be worn under most tops and necklines.

    You can also try full coverage bras or minimizer bras that will give you the fullest possible support (though they would be harder to wear with lower neckline tops).

    I don’t think you really need bra pads. The Sculpt pads suggestion was in case you optionally want to add extra lift or smoothness under your bras.

    Does this reply help you a bit better? You can email me directly for more personal help:

  • Jen

    Thank you, so much, again for your reply. Yes, this really did help! 🙂

    I have emailed you directly via the address you provided in your post.

  • admin

    Thanks, Jen! Looking forward to talking more about the right bras for you! 🙂

  • Jay

    Hi Jen,
    I’m just wondering if you have a recommendation for me. I’m a 40DD and I’m looking for something that’ll give me some nice cleavage for some of my lower cut shirts. I’ve bought some inserts and push up bras before that seem to not do much (or at least, IMO, don’t do enough) for someone of my bust size, so I’m just wondering if you think the Flirt would really work for me?


  • admin

    Hi Jay,

    For your size, I think rather than using bra inserts, you should try a plunge bra, push-up bra or demi bra, which will enhance your natural cleavage. The bra pads would be too much for your bust. Those Flirt pads are best for a maximum of a large D. I think you would be most comfortable with a different bra style that works with your natural size and shape.

    If you want more specific recommendations, feel free to contact me.

  • Kate

    Hi, I was wondering if I’m getting bra pads for a more pushed up look, do I need to go up on the actual bra size? I’m a 34B right now, and am looking for a bikini top that won’t make it look like I clearly have had three kids 🙁 I’m considering inserts for lift, but didn’t know if I should go up on the cup size to accommodate them. Thanks!

  • Lynne Clark

    What would you recommend for a senior lady with uneven and drooping big breasts?

  • admin

    Ideally, Kate, you will just be inserting the bra pads into your existing bra and not need to go up a bra size (unless you want huge bra pads – but then you should try a different bra altogether). I love the natural shape and lift of the Bra Doctor silicone pads – check them out here. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • admin

    Hi Lynne,

    I would try a balcony shaped bra, which will make the most of your breasts and give them a natural lift. For the unevenness, you can try inserting a bra pad into the smaller side, but of course this depends on the size difference between your right and left breasts.

    I can help you more personally via email if you want.

  • Lynne Clark

    thanks for the info, but what is the definition of a “balcony” bra?

  • admin

    A balcony bra offers three quarters coverage of your breasts. Many bras are balcony bras. Check out our blog on balcony bras for more info about what they do and look like:

  • Lynne Clark

    thanks, that cleared up a lot of misconceptions.

  • me

    I have 38D size.are silicon pads suitable for me..m veri much confused

  • amrita

    I have 34 c size with saggy breast ,I want to know silicon bra will help me out for a beautiful image in long kurta.

  • admin

    Hello Amrita,

    The thing about silicone bras as opposed to regular bras are that they will never have that strong lift that regular bras do, as they are missing components of a regular bra that make it so supportive. We don’t sell silicone bras, but many other lingerie stores do and they are available for women up to a D cup. So you will have no problem finding one, and it will give you some lift! Other than that, we have a large selection of bras of all sorts of styles that would be perfect for you, if you didn’t need a silicone one for a specific reason.

    Thank you for your question once again and let us know if you have any more!

  • Liz

    I’m a 34A and love demi’s or bralettes. But want a lift without the padding being visible in those types of bras. What do you recommend?

  • admin

    Hello Liz,
    I would like to thank you for contacting us. From what I understand you would like a demi bra without the padding being visible. I can definitely recommend a couple. Here are some suggestions., The Montelle bra stretches for ultimate comfort throughout the day. A bra like the following style is also quite beautiful however there is no padding and in that case you will not have the lift you are looking for. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day. Celine

  • Krystal Peters

    Can you advise me on which inserts would be best for my daughter. She is developing currently and one side is an A cup and the other side is a B cup. It looks very pronounced and she will not wear anything tight so she only wears loose shirts. I would like to buy something for her to make her feel better as she is very self conscienceand get something that will be small enough for the A side and be as natural looking as possible. Thank you, Krystal

  • admin

    Hello Krystal,

    Thank you so much for contacting us.
    Since there is 1 size difference I would suggest of the two styles. and The difference between the two is that the glam is silicone and will contour the breast easier than the fabric. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day. Celine

  • Anna

    Hi there,
    I’ve always had significant difference between my breasts. One is DD/E the other a B. I have never been happy nor confident in this area but have the support of a loving husband. I have managed by wearing padded balcony and/or plunge bras which have removable pads and inserting two into my smaller side. Have you any product that you would recommend to help me?
    Thanks in advance of your reply.

  • admin

    Hello Anna,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    I hope all is well.

    I would recommend an add a size which would definitely make a difference. We have 2 styles in stock. One is silicone and is very comfortable and the other is fabric. and

    Let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day.

    Celine 1-855-521-4244

  • Lesie

    What’s the ideal insert and bra to get really really good cleavage and a natural lift for a size 36 c girl. I have really saggy boobs even tho I’m only 19 and they are spaced apart as well. Tbh I also believe I’m in between sizes because I have fallout in a c (even with the least amount of padding) but d is to big and yes I’ve tried sister sizes and ive been fitted for my bra size at Victoria Secret :/

  • admin

    Hello Lesie,

    Thank you for contacting us. I would recommend an add a size

    I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Have a wonderful day. Celine

  • Marge Marino

    I had s mastectomy on my left breast ! I had a bust reduction on the right to make it smaller. Now the right one is sagging a lot and not even! At all! I really don’t want to have surgery again but nothing looks right and it’s really bothering me! Any help would be appreciated! My bra’s don’t fit right! Not sure if u have anything to lift it up! Thank you!

  • admin

    Hello Ms Marino,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    I would suggest a silicone bra pad for the right breast. If the difference between both breasts is less than one size, I suggest this one If the difference is about one size, than I suggest the following
    I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have so don`t hesitate to ask.

    Have a great day.


  • Malar

    Hi There, I am wondering that what’s the difference between A Demi And A Push-up Bra?

  • admin

    Hello Malar,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    A demi bra is a style that is a bit square in appearance, very feminine and ideal for low cut tops.
    A push up always has a bump pad or removable cookies and is made specifically to accentuate and increase the bust.
    There is a big difference between the two.
    I welcome any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to ask.
    All the best

  • Nicole

    Any ideas for a breast insert for U.S. 32I? I have about 1.5 cup difference between my breasts and need something to fill out a full coverage bra in the smaller side, so the cup isn’t baggy or wrinkly (and showing through clothes). I can’t seem to find an insert beyond DDD cup. But us busty girls have uneven boobs too. 3/4 or 1/2 coverage bra styles just result in a muffin top effect which shows in a lot of clothes.

  • admin

    Hello Nicole,
    Thank you for emailing us.
    The following breast insert is conceived for fuller breasts
    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


  • Pam

    My breasts have started to sag. I wonder if your pads could improve the appearance . I realise I have the wrong bra size and just re measured I am a 34c,

  • admin

    Hello Pam,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    The bra pads would ideally lift the breast tissue. There are the push up which will give a boost and the add a size which will increase the breast by 1 complete size so if you are 34c it will look as though you are a 34D.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Mary

    I had a double mastectomy 6 years ago. I had reconstruction surgery with implants. My left side has dropped tremendously. I had surgery to correct the issue but it dropped again. So I am very uneven. I do not want to have any more surgeries. Any suggestion on how to lift my left side to match my right side?

  • admin

    Hello Mary,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    I absolutely do have a suggestion. If you click on this link, you will find silicone bra inserts which are amazing. The add a size (Glam) is ideal to add a complete size, the others are different such as increase or push up and the last being a slight increase.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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