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Sweater weather is here, but that doesn’t mean we have to just bundle up for the sake of being warm.

The sweater has evolved this year into a true statement piece that can elevate your Fall wardrobe into something fun and functional. So cozy up to these latest sweater trends and see how to wear them for a playful, fashionable Fall!

Let’s first break down what the biggest trends are this season. The oversized sweater has always been the minimalist girl’s dream, and has truly been transformed to be as chic as ever. Not only will an oversized casual sweater help you pull off a streamlined, lazy day off look, but a knitted frock is just as easy and comfortable for a more dressed up ensemble.

Next, there’s the little details that take a knitted piece up a notch. Anything from braids to keyhole necks to open backs can make your sweater weather aesthetic much more trendy and enjoyable.

Also, who doesn’t love an excuse to show off your pretty bralette? Just because it’s a little chilly, it doesn’t mean you have to hide your pretty underpinnings!

What should you flock to when you want an extra layer? The oversized cardigan of course! A cardigan is no longer just a pretty little addition; it’s become a statement piece that covers while looking so cool. The duster cardigan is especially popular; it’s almost floor length, it can be full of fun patterns and colors, and it’s flattering.

Lastly, ruffles are dominating fashion, as they’re no longer reserved for your vintages wares. They can be small and dainty or large and in charge; you can essentially find any type of ruffle that suits your taste. Sure, it’s a bold look, but what’s fashion if not a fun way to challenge yourself and your comfort zone!?

Which of these sweater trends will you be cozying up to?

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