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When a new season emerges, we put away certain colors and embrace new ones.

While we think you should wear neon in the Winter if you want to, there’s no denying that color trends exist each season. When you shop, you’ll notice certain colors everywhere.

These are the colors we’re seeing as being HUGE this Fall and beyond.


Orange is one of those colors that doesn’t get the spotlight much, but it totally should!

It’s a vibrant and rich color that warms up any skin tone, and brings an aspect of light to any neutral. If you don’t own orange, experiment with it this Fall.

Deep Red

A deep, saturated red can actually work as a modern neutral, so indulging in this color will pay off in numerous ensemble possibilities.

It’s not flashy or bold, but that’s okay – it’s still endlessly flattering and can also be a little bit edgy depending on how you style it.

Dark Blue

Blue is a color that transcends seasons, but there was quite a presence on the runway this Fall.

Think jewel tones, rich tones, and darker hues to work in with pretty much anything else in your wardrobe.


Yellow is going to be the color that dominates fashion the next few seasons.

It helps that it’s such a cheerful, positive color as well – you can’t ever have too much positivity!


The new neutral to hit the stores is brown. You’re going to be seeing it everywhere.

Brown is such a lovely tone that flatters anyone, and it can mix and match with any other color.

What has been YOUR favorite color this Fall?

Let us know in the comments!

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