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How Lingerie Can Transform Your Personal Style

How closely linked are lingerie and fashion? 

Of course you know that wearing lingerie as outerwear is quite the trend, but do you know how lingerie can transform your personal style in other ways?

Everything from fit to selection to styles can help you step up your fashion game and make those #OOTDS that much more powerful. 

Want to transform your personal style with some easy tips? Keep reading. 

When Your Bra Fits, Your Top Fits Better Too

Slipping on a bra that fits so well is a great way to start your day! | Montelle Wireless Padded Seamless T-Shirt Bra

To a certain extent, you can only do some much to hide your bra underneath your top. If your bra doesn’t fit you properly, it’ll mean your tops won’t fit your body as nicely as they could. 

For example, when your back band is too tight, it digs into your back, creating bulges that you probably aren’t into. There’s also that dreaded four-boob if your cups are either too loose or too tight. 

Your bra should sit firmly, but not tightly, all around your body. Sometimes a strap adjustment or a back band extender can do the trick, but if they don’t, it’s time to get a bra fitting!

Know What Lingerie Works With What Style

That ill-fitting lingerie could sabotage how fabulous you look! | Mapale Open Shoulder Square Neck Fitted Dress

That super tight dress should show off your curves, but it shouldn’t show off your bra and underwear! (Unless it’s sheer – then YES it should!)

Having at least one seamless bra and panty is a best-kept secret of any style maven. Seamless lingerie can virtually disappear underneath your clothing, meaning no lines, and no indentations that cling to your body, making the garment less smooth when you’re wearing it. 

You may also want to avoid too much padding in your bra for high neck things, because your boobs may look like one big boob, which isn’t ideal. 

We could go on and on, but you can also figure out what lingerie styles work best for your favorite outfits by trying it out, or even taking a photo to get the full picture. 

Take Care Of Your Lingerie If You’re Exposing It

A couple of little accessories can help you take care of your lingerie and save time doing it. | Bra Bather Mesh Wash Bag by Fashion Essentials

Listen, we know washing your bras and bodysuits and slips can take some time, especially if you want to do it properly. But when you are exposing your lingerie in your outfit, stains and marks and wear and tear can really stand out. 

While you do have to add a couple of extra steps to your laundry routine when it comes to intimates, it can be really, really easy to keep them well kept! 

Have Options For Different Outfits

These panties may look simple, but they will get you so far! | Micromodal Midi Full Brief by Naturana

So we can’t all have a lingerie set for each outfit – wouldn’t that be nice though?

Having some trusty staples means that pretty much every outfit can have something that makes it look a little bit better. For example, a non-padded lace bra may look a little bumpy under a thin, tight top, so you’ll want either a seamless or t-shirt bra. A convertible bra can work for every day, and also for those cool trendy necklines and off-shoulder pieces. 

A high waisted panty feels secure, and works well with high waisted bottoms and dresses. Similarly, a thong can be good for tight fits, but if that’s not your thing, seamless shorts or bikinis can do the trick. 

Lingerie Can Help You Feel Confident

No matter who you are, your size, or where you’re from – you deserve to feel good. | Darling Lace Petites Underwire Bra by Triumph

Lingerie isn’t just something you have to wear. It’s also not just for other people to appreciate you. 

Lingerie is about self-expression, feeling good about yourself and your body, and embracing who you are in the moment. It’s not about being a certain size or looking a certain way. It’s all about YOU!

There’s nothing sexier than someone who walks with confidence; your lingerie fits better, your clothes look more chic, and your beauty really gets to shine through. 

Do you have a piece of lingerie that you love SO much, you think everyone should try it?

Share with us in the comments below!

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