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Fashion Trends 2016: Lingerie Inspired Dressing

Madonna did it in the 90s with her Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra. Early 2000s pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera made it flirty and feminine. To some it may seem tacky or a little bit too provocative, but it’s coming back. Lingerie is no longer being kept underneath your clothes; it’s becoming your clothes! Now, that’s not to say walking around in your bra and underwear will be the look du jour (though with Now That’s Lingerie in your arsenal, we can see why you might want to). It’s about showing pretty little details of the lingerie you wear being back in style, as well as new forecasted designs to expect that take some cues from the lingerie world.

Britney Spears via My Flash Trash; Christina Aguilera via Pinterest; Britney Spears via Google Images

Britney Spears performing via My Flash Trash; Christina Aguilera on the red carpet via Pinterest; Britney Spears on the red carpet via Google Images

When we think of lingerie inspired dressing, our first thought may be to wear a corset as a top, or a little babydoll top with a pair of jeans, as was done in the early 2000s. With how gorgeously artistic corsets can be, there’s no reason why you couldn’t still pair one up with a blazer and slick pair of straight leg pants for a seductive yet classy look. For a night out, a pretty corset with a dark leg jean and a pretty pump is easy to throw together. We can definitely still be influenced by what lingerie inspired dressing used to be. However, it’s been revolutionized into a new trend for the upcoming year that is a little more understated. A cropped corset with an a-line or skater style skirt is a creative take on the trending crop top ensemble.

Taking a look at modern trends influenced by lingerie, we can see that showcasing hints of lacy and patterned bras peeking out of a top or dress seems to be the new thing; it’s no longer about letting your bra straps show. It can actually be quite a demure look seeing a little hint of a lace bra showing under a simple v-neck tee, adding a dressy element. It’s also now apropos to opt into a bra while wearing a low cut dress instead of wearing nothing, as it gives a chance to show off studs, lace, patterns, or sparkle. How about a tuxedo style jacket with nothing underneath? Celebrity red carpets and street style from the last year is fantastic inspiration for all of us to consider no longer hiding all of our lingerie underneath clothing.


Jennifer Lawrence heading to a late night talk show via Pop Sugar; Kerry Washington at the SNL 40th anniversary party via Glamour; Miranda Lambert at a Fashion Rocks event via Huffington Post

Some designers are taking elements of lingerie we all know and love and are infusing it into their latest collections. Alexander McQueen runways featured lacy little bralettes underneath low cut designs, while Balenciaga channeled the etherial romanticism of a simple white nightgown. Givenchy played with semi-sheer elements and eyelash lace hems, while Marchesa uses black lace and cutouts in the bodice of dresses to create corsetry inspired jaw-dropping gowns. Many other designers enjoyed adding the girly, romantic, and classic elements of lingerie as well as the hot and sexy, showing that you don’t just have to wear lingerie on top of your clothing anymore. You can find pieces that take the best and most coveted parts of lingerie and incorporate them into gorgeous looks acceptable to wear in public in all facets.

Do you think you’re going to try lingerie inspired dressing? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to share with us on social media as well: post to us on Facebook, send us a tweet on Twitter, pin what inspires you from our Pinterest, and watch our exciting information on YouTube!




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