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2 Must-Know Lingerie Tips For All Body Types

Summer is coming, but I’m sure all of the “Find the Most Flattering Swimsuit for Your Body!” headlines in the media lately have probably tipped you off! As I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day, scanning the magazines lined up at the counter, it hit me: why haven’t I ever seen an article about tips for women on choosing fabulous lingerie?!  This blog is one of several I’ll be writing about flattering lingerie for different body types.  Today, I’ve narrowed down two, essential tips that can be applied to fashion as a whole and will have you feeling confident and beautiful in your summery wardrobe in no time!

First of all, I think it’s important to say this: A woman should not have any shame or embarrassment in regards to her figure. I firmly believe that all shapes and sizes are beautiful in their own way! What’s more (and what the media would rather you not know!) is that everybody is attracted to different things. All of this is to say that the popularized image of tall, skinny women while still attractive isnt the ideal. Therefore, my top tips are not about hiding your body but about how you can highlight your already-radiant beauty!

Blush Lingerie’s Finders Keepers High Hipster

A good thing to remember in all fashion scenarios is that embellishments attract attention! Ruffles, lace, jewels, and all that glitters will automatically draw eyes. They also add volume – so depending on the look you’re going for, you can use this to your advantage in different ways. If you are one bootylicious babe who wants to flaunt that fabulous derriere, or a sporty type who would like to make your bottom look a bit fuller, then wearing ruffled panties, such as the Finders Keepers High Hipster by Blush, are the way to go!

Another rule of thumb is that the right fit is always visually appealing! Creating a smoother silhouette is easy with sleek, reinforced pieces. Luckily, there is tons of shapewear out there, due to the massive appeal and comfort it offers to women of all shapes and sizes. As I’ve said before, Im a petite woman, and I love shapewear as much as the next girl! After all, it’s not about trying to change your size; size isn’t an issue! It’s the way that shapewear limits bumps and panty lines that interfere with an article’s cut and allows it to fall the way it is meant to, to achieve the perfect fit!

So there you have it; once you’ve got these two tips in your back pocket all the rest of your fashion choices will come easy.

Stay tuned for my next fashion blog about my bra fitting session with the Bra Doctor last weekend!


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