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One of our favourite social media platforms is Pinterest; we are on it daily and love the way we can communicate who we are as a brand with images. Since lingerie is such a visual industry to an extent, we’re always pinning our #ShopNTL products and we’ve cultivated a following that we are so thankful for. We also love pinning other things, from yummy recipes to outfit inspiration, to all things fashion, beauty, and weddings, as well as so much more! Here are some of the Pinners that we really love following, as they pin what inspires us to keep repinning time and time again.


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POPSUGAR is fabulous for a constant flow of new information and pins, whether it’s about fashion, lifestyle, trends, and so much more. For so many of our favourite fashion-related pins, we have POPSUGAR to thank. We love going to Pinterest for fashion inspiration so we can find new ways to rework our wardrobe rather than going and shopping every time we’re bored with our outfits. You’ll find everything here from outfits to accessories to celebrity style and much more!


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We all want that Pinterest wedding, right? Even if we’re not planning on getting married? Well we love weddings and following the trends, and so MODwedding is one of our favourite Pinterest boards to follow and they are always popping up in our feed with fresh new ideas. They do a great job at pinning things that can inspire all aspects of your wedding, from what you wear to how you decorate. We definitely recommend following this board if you are in the midst of planning a wedding.

The Lingerie Addict

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This Pinterest account is correlated with one of our favourite lingerie blogs to read, The Lingerie Addict. On this board we can see what all the latest trends in the industry are, hot topics to consider, and what’s available from the low end to the high end. She definitely has all lingerie bases covered, but also pins so many more fun things like fashion and wedding things. We just can’t get enough of how thorough her Pinterest is and always love seeing what’s new!

The Curvy Fashionista

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Here’s another Pinterest we follow because we love the blog so much. We love the vast amount of fashion inspiration for all seasons, with amazing accessories as well. There’s so much to learn through this Pinterest on curvy fashion for all occasions, plus she also follows fun recipes and funny things like we love to do too. She has a really well-rounded set of interests that we just love to pin!

Who are some of your favourite Pinners? We’d love to see your recommendations so we can follow them too! Share with us in the comments below, or let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, we hope you go to our Pinterest page and follow that too! You can also learn some lingerie tips and tricks from us from our YouTube page.



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