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Last week I wrote about celebrities not wearing any underpants. This week, I want to talk about celebrities who like to show off their underwear. Not just any underwear, their GRANNY PANTIES! Seriously, who came up with this style? I’m a strong advocate for feeling sexy and confident in your own skin, but who decided that it was okay to parade around in your underwear… let alone, granny panties?

I’m all for wearing high-waisted panties and shapewear because they smooth out my tummy and hide any evidence of having stuffed my face… It’s my secret ingredient to wearing a form-fitting dress. Regardless, these are items I wear UNDERNEATH a dress because no one can see it! When did it become socially acceptable to have your bra and panties on display for the world to see underneath a see-through lace dress?

From left to right: Anna Faris, Kim Kardashian & Marion Cotillard

Kim Kardashian has never been one to shy away from the limelight, and she does anything but, in this Dolce & Gabanna dress. Instead of wearing a dress slip underneath her white dress, she sports a black lingerie set. Yes, we get it. You just had a baby and now look fantastic again. No need to show us your bra and underwear! Then we have Anna Faris with a black tube top and a hideous high waisted panty underneath her black lace Dolce & Gabanna dress. Fire your stylist ASAP! Lastly, there is Marion Cottilard wearing Christian Dior. This has to be the most disappointing look because I expected more from her. She’s always shown nothing but class and elegance… until now, with her see-through mullet dress. She too is wearing what looks like a sports bra and high panty underneath.

In my opinion, these styles are all atrocious. However, if you do intend on wearing a see-through lace dress, PLEASE wear a sexy dress slip; we have plenty on Now That’s Lingerie! I guarantee the outfit will look a lot more flattering than showing off your granny panties to the world!

Do you agree with this new trend or do you prefer keeping your undergarment under wraps?

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Kim Kardashian

Anna Faris

Marion Cotillard




  • Lonnie

    I agree with you! They might as well not even wear the dress if all they want to do is show off whats underneath! HORRORS!! I am keeping mine under wraps, well maybe a hint of lace on the bra or panties showing sometimes! Of course I wouldn’t look to any of them to follow their style!

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