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Foolproof Tips for Your First Date!

It’s getting warmer out there, and love is in the air! First dates are underway, and with the following tips and tricks you’ll be sure to make a phenomenal first impression and have Mr. Right going head over heels for your fabulous self in no time!


1) Show skin selectively.

I love the flirty, boho look of this one-shouldered top!

Showing skin is a surefire way to capture any man’s attention, but you want to make sure that the wide-eyed, mouth-agape face he’s got on when he first lays eyes on you means, “Oh-My-God-I’m-On-A-Date-With-a-Goddess!” and not because your outfit lacks subtlety (and coverage!).  Remember: Less is more! The key is to only expose ONLY one part of your body at a time: legs, shoulders, cleavage or back – never all at once. The one-shouldered look is here to stay for a second summer, and with the right bra, provides the perfect way to strut your stuff (and some bare skin!) elegantly. The Triumph Full Fashion Diamond Jacquard Bra is convertible, meaning you can go strapless or, for more support, switch up the straps for one-shouldered support!

Triumph Full Fashion Diamond Jacquard Convertible Bra

2) Go bold in brights!

A dress as bright as this eye-catching green number is guaranteed not to be forgotten.

Color is another way to make a real statement. When a woman wears a bold color it shows that she is daring, confident and strong – now thats a memorable impression! Spring is also a great time to experiment with color because it is everywhere! Pinks, greens, blues, yellows and oranges are filling the racks of all the stores right now, so you have plenty of options!  (Click here to read one of my previous blogs to find the most flattering colors for your skin tone.) This bright green, cotton dress is a perfect look of casual femininity that looks polished without trying too hard. If you do choose a minidress or skirt, however, be sure to wear full-bottomed seamless panties! That way, if by super-embarrassing chance you trip or your garment rides up, you will avoid totally flashing the world and (most importantly!) your date. The Naturana Lingerie Young Design Brief shown here is a great panty that guarantees coverage and comes in a pretty deep blue color!

The Naturana Lingerie Young Design Brief

3) Dress comfortably!

April Cotton Camisole by Arianne Lingerie

How is your lovely personality supposed to shine through if all you can think about is how your belt is digging into your stomach? And nothing is worse than trying to hold a conversation with someone while you sit there and sweat profusely in the heat. Ick! With Summer just around the corner, a beautiful, loose-fitting and lightweight camisole can provide the perfect top to wear for a first date on a hot summer evening! This April Cotton Camisole by Arianne Lingerie is made with breathable 100% cotton and has adjustable straps, giving you a Bohemian flair no matter where you go!


So, there you have it ladies; follow these instructions and go out and flaunt it!

Happy dating!





  • Lonnie

    I sure wish on my first date that I would have had these tips. I remember looking like half a disaster!! It was a hot summer night and I was so nervous. It wasn’t a very great first date! Everything in your comments( #’s 1,2,&3), I think everything I had on was opposite of your advise!
    Where were you then Rachel? 1974

  • Lydia

    Nice tips Rachel. I always use “Jacquard Bra” it is good fit for me. What other bra you can suggest me I can wear for my date so look sexy?

  • admin

    Hello Rachel. Thank you for your feedback. We can recommend looking at Dreamgirl or Blush Lingerie for some sexy, seductive styles. You can find a fabulous range of sizes and colours to suit your taste. Happy shopping!

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