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Lace-it’s something that never goes out of style.

If you are looking to update your closet, it’s the go-to texture for any season, any occasion. Lace is delicate, yet durable-somehow managing the stress of the harsher wash cycle when you accidentally throw a pair of lace panties in with the darks.

It’s affordable, flirty, and fun-nothing works like lace when you want to dress up a plain pair of panties or a ho-hum white bra. Lace is also easily accessible-it’s everywhere, and it’s something that both you and your significant other can agree looks fantastic on you, with the lights on or off.


The Bra Doctor Brigitte Collection’s Hot Bra and Panty Set.

Fortunately, lace is making a comeback.  Lace isn’t what you only see on your granny’s section of the intimate apparel department-it’s showing up on runway shows, junior clothing, and in the raciest lingerie ads that you see on TV. Lace reminds us that women are delicate, yet strong, creatures that deserve to be pampered and adored.

Lace has been around for hundreds of years-and women from all cultures around the globe are dressed in the frilly material. The material looks good on almost everyone-no matter how old you are, the color of your skin, your height, or your frame. Lace makes an excellent accessory to almost any outfit-from bridal attire to even pajamas!


Vicky Chemise, found on


Lace has shown us that the fabric isn’t going anywhere for a long time. Make sure that you show off both your haute couture side, and your classical one, by investing in lace.

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  • Lonnie

    Hello Jenn,
    I totally agree about lace and the way it makes you feel as a woman. I just received a new and beautiful camisole ( Heidi) from Nowthatslingerie. It has beautiful lace on the straps and bodice with a sexy little ribbon to tie in the middle. I will be wearing it for a special evening with the beautiful and lace trimmed Eva Rosanna bra and matching panty underneath. I just love the look and feel of lace next to me. It really makes me feel more special!! Thanks for the nice article

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