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Givenchy RTW Spring/Summer 2012 Collection: Blazer Review!

Did someone say Givenchy?! Oh. No one did… Well, I DID! Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week has brought Riccardo Tisci to provide us with amazing and uniquely tailored suit-like garments perfect for a spotless, professional look, but with just a hint pizzaz!

 There are countless instances in which younger generations (including myself) find it excruciatingly difficult to find a garment with a professional aesthetic for a job interview or for our careers. Most business attire concludes to make us look a generation older than we actually are. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind looking a couple years past my age, but I want to feel youthful at the same time. Riccardo Tisci has indeed done a fine job to create a variety of blazers that have some crisp twists to the silhouette than a traditional blazer would give. Here are some points that I extracted from these Spring 2012 Givenchy blazers to elaborate more:

  1. In all these looks, the lowered points on the extended lapels create a more relaxed feel than the conventional lapels with the points at chest level. For traditional blazers, this conveys a stiff etiquette we might unintentionally give off when worn. With looks #1 and #2, the style of the boyfriend blazer also provides more space around our arms, elbows and shoulders to be much more mobile. I can’t stand it when I lift my arms and everything else I’m wearing just lifts too – and what about the often-awkward outward folding around the lapels where you’re forced to constantly pull down your blazer every so often? Trust me, these blazers will help you and I forget about those infuriating moments!
  2. The egg shell hue of this blazer – instead of a pure white seen in other Spring 2012 collections – gives a softer and easier look for the eyes. It lessens the formality of the garment for a casual but still professional day at work.
  3. Looks #3 and #4, which have that unique structure to the blazer, are perfect for fashionistas at work who want to do a little risk taking. Especially with Look #3, which has a double-lined ribbing detail right at the hips and a tail in the back. To me, this gives a powerful but subtle statement for a woman who wants to flaunt some independence and style!

Overall, these blazers are great for a younger or updated classic look for the professional woman who wants to differentiate herself from the formal blazer and just generally be a chic fashionista working it at the office!



Here are a couple of pieces I found that are great for styling with these blazers! Check out NTL’s camisoles and tops in the clothing section to see what you can do to spice up your Spring 2012 wardrobe (and Fall 2011 too of course)!






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