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How the West Was (Really) Won…

Howdy Y’all!

Let me ask you, ladies: Don’t you just swoon over a southern accent? Do you long to be swept off your feet? Do you dream of galloping on horseback, across a peaceful, wide-open plain with your passionate lover? At risk of embarrassing myself, I’ll admit, visions such as these have definitely crept into my daydreams once or twice. Please, don’t judge me!

I’ve been thinking about this, though, and you know who I’m almost certain must have shared these fantasies of mine?…

Phoebe Cotton Corset with Zipper Front by Arianne Lingerie

Phoebe Cotton Corset with Zipper Front by Arianne Lingerie


That’s right, behind that tough exterior, those clenched jaws, those muscular, bowed legs, I think every cowboy had a tender heart and a secret, hopelessly romantic side to them. Think about it – they always save the day, never leave a damsel in distress to fend for herself, and always seem to save the woman they love and get her on the back of their horse just in time to ride off into the glowing, pink horizon.

And who can blame them? Those Can-Can dancers and saloon girls certainly knew how to emphasize their beauty and fiercely strut their stuff! If you’ve ever seen “Wild Wild West” or “Moulin Rouge”, you know just how sexy and fabulous these women really were. Therefore, what I propose that the writers of the “Western” genre and Hollywood (both past and present), has got it all wrong:

It was the women of the Old West who were tough, seductive and in charge, while the cowboys were jelly in the palms of their hands!

Priscilla Cotton Eyelet Tunic by Arianne

If you think this is a stretch, have a look at the heart-stopping Western-inspired pieces below and think again! The Old West trend is super feminine, focused entirely on the emphasis of a woman’s natural curves and covered in lace and frills, but also commanding and assertive in a very sexy way. The juxtaposition totally grabs your attention and can be pulled together for a look that is, cute, girly, feminine, sensual, sassy, and/or fierce – the possibilities are endless!

Shown above is the Priscilla 31-Inch Cotton Tunic with Drawstring by Arianne.  This beautiful little bohemian number is evocative of a beautiful, Old West woman’s petticoat! This tunic can be worn as a nightie, but also over tights or skinny jeans as a top and even as a mini-dress on those hot, summer days.

The Angel Flirt Silk-Cotton Low-Rise Hipster with Ruffles by Blush , when paired with its matching garter belt and a pair of thigh-high stockings is sexy, steamy and seductive! Back in the 1800s, before the invention of the full panty-hose we most commonly wear today, thigh-highs and garter belts were an everyday necessity that has since become an undeniably smouldering symbol of sexuality!

Dreamgirl Silk-Cotton Bloomers by Blush

Dreamgirl Silk-Cotton Bloomers by Blush

The absolutely adorable piece (shown at the right)  is the Dreamgirl Silk Cotton Bloomer by Blush! These bloomers put a delightful and modern twist on a classic undergarment that is totally irresistible!

And of course, the Old West trend could not be complete without a corset.  The Phoebe Floral Cotton Camisole with Zipper Front by Arianne (shown above) is a corset-inspired top, that really minimizes a woman’s tiniest part (her waist) and maximizes a woman’s luscious curves (her breasts!). The floral pattern is to die for, as well.

So that’s it for now, everyone. Hope y’all have a great day, now!





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