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How to Wear Fashionable Necklines

We’ve all been clothes shopping and tried on tops and dresses, then thought, “wow, this looks great, but what bra am I going to wear with it?” To help you out, here’s a quick guide to wearing almost any shape of neckline, and the bras created for them! Why sacrifice style when all you need is the right bra to wear underneath? Voilà, fashion tips for any occasion!


Off-The-Shoulder Sophistication
Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses show off a sexy glimpse of your shoulders and collarbone, but can tend to reveal your bra straps. The simplest solution is a strapless bra, which will give you lift where you need it but without showing your straps! Or, if you’re not comfortable going fully strapless, you can always add on transparent straps to your convertible bra instead.

Backless Wonder
It’s tricky business to wear a bra under these tops, since the back band will likely appear and disrupt the beauty of having a backless effect. If you’ve seen celebrities shimmying down the red carpet in a backless dress, they are probably wearing an adhesive bra. Basically, an adhesive bra has a hypoallergenic double-sided adhesive that sticks onto (and around) your breasts and holds without straps or a back band, letting you show off your shoulders and back. Smile for the paparazzi!

Taking the Plunge
Deep necklines can tend to reveal the top of your bra, if the bra is not low-cut enough in the front. The solution? Try a specialty bra like Arianne’s U-Bra, which will give you lift and support while allowing you to wear even the lowest of necklines. Plus, the U-Bra’s straps are convertible, so you also have the option of crossing them in the back or making a halter neck. Talk about versatility!

It’s Hip to be Square
Medieval-cut or square-cut necklines can show the top of your bra if it comes up too high on the sides. A square-cut demi-bust bra will solve the problem and won’t needlessly reveal any of your bra’s fabric. Also, the straps usually tend to be centered towards your shoulders instead of closer to your neck, hiding your entire bra and the straps even when you go out dancing (or if you’re turned sideways towards an interesting member of your dinner party).


Strapless Sensation
The timeless look of strapless tops and dresses means that the bare-shoulder effect will never go out of style. Work with it, and invest in an ingenuous strapless or convertible bra. Most strapless bras are also equipped with their own straps, so you can wear them daily or with your other specialty tops (like halter, criss-cross, or asymmetrical necklines). You can also switch up the straps for transparent ones, which are useful when you don’t feel like wearing the bra in strapless mode. However you choose to wear it, a convertible/strapless bra is a necessary and multi-purpose addition to your wardrobe!

V-Cut Va-Va-Voom!
The ever-popular V-cut look may entice you to really show off all of your cleavage at once, but don’t go overboard. The trick to wearing these tops is to get a hint of lift without your goodies popping out the top of your shirt or dress. You’re going for classy, not trashy, and an in-your-face boost detracts from the rest of your appeal! Opt for a push-up bra that will discreetly enhance your cleavage and bring out the best of your feminine sensibilities.

I hope these tricks were helpful! Stay tuned for my next fashion blog, when I’ll be reviewing the newest fashions in pants and how to find the right panties to wear beneath them! In the meantime, please contact us with any ideas, comments or suggestions. See you soon!


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