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The weather is changing! For many of us, Fall and Winter are seasons perfect for scarves, leather jackets and boots! Not all of you may know this but the phrase; “It’s getting nippy” doesn’t actually derive from the word ‘nipples’. (Shocking, I know!) It actually means ‘to bite’ as in the weather is bitingly cold, hence ‘this weather is so nippy!’ . Most people probably wrongly assume the link due to the similarity in spelling and because cold biting weather=stiff nipples. Now, with every celebrity experiencing a ‘nip slip’ (*cough* Khloe Kardashian *cough*), we have become all too familiar and somewhat de-sensitized to seeing nipples (exposed purposely or otherwise).

Walking down the street, it’s hard not to look when a woman’s chest is staring at us. Sometimes, breasts have a mind of their own and let’s be honest, it can be comical to have each nipple point out in different directions; talk about “googly-eyed” boobs! I can’t help but ask myself, “do women enjoy broadcasting their nipples for the world to see or would they rather keep their goodies hidden from inquisitive eyes?” Personally, I like keeping them hidden. Since erect nipples may suggest that one is sexually aroused, I would hate to think that every man would assume that I was turned on while shopping for ice cream at the grocery store!

Curvy Kate Portia Lace & Ribbons Bra and Panty & Montelle Untamed Beauty leopard print Bra and hipster, available at Now That’s Lingerie

Jessica Alba with No Nipple Coverage

If you’re the type of woman who doesn’t like her nipples showing through her tops, I would recommend a molded cup bra with a bit of padding. The 9120 ‘Untamed Beauty’ Montelle leopard bra will help hide your goods while giving you amazing cleavage at the same time! If your nipples are particularly larger, and have a tendency of showing up unannounced, I would suggest a padded bra like the 37104301 Lissi lace push up bra by Change of Scandinavia. These sexy and comfortable bras will give you nipple coverage and a fantastic round shape too! Or, if you really don’t feel like wearing a bra but don’t want your nipples to show, try some nipple covers. Just be careful to use double sided adhesive body tape at the sides and front of your dress to avoid exposing your girls (which could lead to an embarrassing Emma Waston-esque wardrobe mishap)!

If you do want to show off your goodies and are on the prowl, I suggest wearing a sheer lace bra. While lacy bras are super sexy and fun, they can also give you the proper support to wear on a daily basis. You can also let your nipples show through a little bit in an unlined bra, like the three section cup ck4001 Portia Bra by Curvy Kate or a lightly padded bra like Triumph’s 1824 lace balconette bra. I absolutely love this bra! It offers incredible support and still is sheer enough to make you feel sexy in whatever you’re wearing!

So, cheers to nipples, without them breasts wouldn’t be able to point out the cold weather 😉

Do you like showing off your nipples or do you prefer to keep them covered up? Tell us! Comment below or share on Facebook & Twitter!



Origin of Nippy:’s_nippy

Stimulation of Nipples:

Emma Watson Nip Slip picture:

Jessica Alba With No Nipple Coverage Picture:

Khloe Kardashian Nip Slip: 




  • Lonnie

    For me it depends on the the occasion and the people that I know I will be around. I live in a rural conservative area, so I usually make sure I am covered. However the other day, I went to the grocery store in my new shelf bra top and lingered a little while at the refrigerated section, choosing from some products and I got this chill that came over me and I could feel them stiffening up to where they were pointing out in two different directions. I was a little embarrassed because there were quite a few conservative ladies around my area. I hugged the products close to my chest and quickly went to the checkout But if I were to visit the “big city’, like Montreal, or go to a play in NYC were they are more fashion concience, I would not mind it so much if my nipples showed. Lonnie

  • Cindy

    I am comfortable lounging at home with visible nipples, but when out and about working or doing errands I like a little padding between my nipples and the world.

    Call me a prude for what I wear to work or errands, but don’t call me late for a night out in a slinky dress in a very low Bustier 🙂

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