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How To Look Flawless Under Your Wedding Dress | Bra Doctor's Blog

There are three situations no bride wants to experience on her wedding day.  The first is zits, the second is being unable to fit into her dress, and ok, maybe the third isn’t a recorded ‘fear’… but who wants to constantly pull up and readjust their bra and dress while dancing at the reception/after-party?  I don’t like fidgeting with mine at any time, as a matter of fact.


As Alice would say, “Curiouser and curiouser,”… 2013 bridal collections marry traditional with unconventional in the form of colour, which means it’s an exciting time to pick one’s gown.  Whether you choose blush pinks, ice blues, some sunshine-y hue, or the traditional cream/ivory/white tones, here are some ideas for what goes on underneath different wedding dress styles

Portrait Back Wedding Dresses

Portrait backs are demure yet sexy, mysterious yet revealing.  But you definitely want to keep your nipples from peeking through and ruining the effect with a distraction!  You can either sew your bra cups into the dress, or try some nipple covers –they’ll come in handy long after the big day has come and gone.

70003 Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers by Fashion Essentials | Fe024 Reusable Foam Nipple Covers by Fashion Essentials

Strapless/Sweetheart Wedding Dresses

Strapless dresses were a little overdone in recent years, but with enough classic lines in the dress, they can still be an elegant style.  Try bustiers if you’re in the mood for getting really dressed up –otherwise, strapless bras should do the trick!  Be sure to get them well-fitted if you’re not sewing them into your dress, so there is no wiggle room for error… *ahem* wardrobe malfunction.

F2934 Seductive Comfort With Lace Customized Lift Strapless Bra by Calvin Klein Lingerie  | 2978 Diamond Jacquard Full Fashion Strapless Underwire Bra by Triumph Lingerie8637 Satin And Lace Underwire Padded Strapless Bra by Grenier Lingerie

 Plunging Neckline Wedding Dresses

For some deep necklines, you can still wear a bra –others you can’t and must rely on cups sewn into your dress –especially for those light, sheer dresses that you might fancy wearing for a hot summer’s wedding!  But if your dress allows you to get away with a bra, you should try a balcony, demi cup or plunge bra:


23304122 Exclusive Full Figure Balconette by Change Of Scandinavia Lingerie | 0226607 Pure Indulgence Semi Sheer Lace Demi Soft Modal Underwired Cups Me by Blush Lingerie | f3326 Naked Glamour Convertible Plunge Bra by Calvin Klein Lingerie

 And for all other tricky bridal dresses…

Try a convertible bra – the chameleon of the lingerie world. All strapless bras are considered convertible, allowing you to wear your straps in various ways  to accommodate even the hardest-to-wear fashions. Not all convertible bras are strapless, like this f3226 Ck One Microfiber Convertible T Shirt Bra Push Up Bra by Calvin Klein, but the advantage is being able to have a lower neckline for some of these styles, which some strapless bras don’t permit; and allows more options for arranging your bra straps.

7959 Envie Convertible Seamless Contour Bra by Le Mystere | 3014 Petites Strapless Convertible Underwire Bra by Triumph Lingerie | f3226 Ck One Microfiber Convertible T Shirt Bra Push Up Bra by Calvin Klein Lingerie

Don’t Forget Your Seamless Shapewear…

And for any lumps, bumps and to avoid the appearance of panty lines under slinky silhouettes, consider investing in some shapewear or seamless pieces!  Remember, you don’t have to wear nude or white lingerie.  Perhaps you want it to peek out in a more intense/contrasting/complementary hue out of your dress?  Give it a go!

… and bring your Body Tape!

A must-have for every bride, bridesmaid and guest… this secures clothing in place, fixes gaping blouses, hemlines and more!  Now go and get one before I make some awful Yoda joke about how this tape binds the galaxy together… and see Felicia’s vlog about How to Use Body Tape!Body Tape

BF20401 Body Tape by Fashion Essentials

No matter what wedding dress style you choose to wear on your big day, keep it pretty, comfy and practical so you can make the most of your day, and enjoy the photos you’ll be taking and looking at for years to come!

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