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Sexy New Shapewear by Elita Lingerie

You all know how passionate I am about lingerie, but I really love Elita Lingerie’s new seamless shapewear line, Elita Shape!

This collection is proudly made in Canada with soft and innovative fabrics that snugly fit and support you while shaping all the curves of your body and targeting the zones that you want to slim, including your sides, back, bust, tummy, hips, waist, butt and thighs.

Here’s your guide to shopping for Elita shapewear based on the areas of your body you want to target and slim.

Eliminate Side Bulges and Back Fat

S6422 Seamless Shape Bodysuit by Elita Lingerie, available at Now That's Lingerie

S6422 Seamless Shape Bodysuit by Elita Lingerie, available at Now That’s Lingerie

One of my favourite shaping styles of all-time is this S6422 Body Shaper by Elita Lingerie. This shaping bodysuit is made to be worn with a bra, but the special shape lifts your breasts from the sides and gives you a great push-up look. The special shaping zones slim your tummy, your sides, hips, butt and thighs all at once! This is the perfect shaping style to wear under a dress or even under jeans and a top for instant confidence.

For underneath your t-shirts, try wearing this S6420 Seamless Bra by Elita Lingerie! It’s a lot like the Ahh bra by Rhonda Shear but with more support. Pull it on over your head and smooth your back and sides. You can even wear it over your bra, if you prefer, to reduce the bulges caused by your bra and to make you feel extra supported. For more shaping of your back, sides and tummy, try the S384 Shaping Camisole by Elita Lingerie, which makes for a perfect camisole top with jeans, or even just under a shirt.

Battle Belly Bulge

The majority of shapewear will help shape and slim down your tummy. Belly bulges are common “problem” areas for women (as beer bellies are for guys!), and most shapewear and controlwear have belly control panels or special stitching that gives you a slimmed out look, perfect for pants, skirts and dresses. All of the new Elita Shape collection will help slim down your belly (except for the bra which of course is too short), while also shaping your hips and waist. A popular tummy tucker from this collection is the S6425 high-waisted full brief by Elita Lingerie, which has a special panel in front to create a smooth silhouette under your clothes.

Slim & Smooth Hips, Waist, Thighs & Butt


Most of these shapewear styles by Elita Lingerie will not only lift and shape your butt, but will smooth down your hips and waistline too. Try the S381 mid-thigh shaping short by Elita Lingerie, which comes up nearly all the way to underneath your bra band for almost complete coverage! The S6422 bodyshaper I mentioned earlier is also ideal for this, but the bodysuit will also cover more of your torso than just an underwear style. If you’re wearing a shorter skirt or dress and still want to shape these areas, I highly recommend the S382 seamless mid-thigh boyleg by Elita Lingerie, which also can help avoid a Marilyn-Monroe-esque moment when your skirt blows up in the wind!

Click here to see all of these Elita Lingerie shapewear styles, available at Now That’s Lingerie.

I hope you find my recommendations helpful in choosing your new shapewear by Elita Lingerie!

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