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5 Rules to Wearing Lingerie

Every girl has certain failsafe rules she goes by to help her achieve her style and attitude, and this extends to everything she wears –from why she favours a certain handbag style, to why she prefers, say a peignoir over a babydoll.  Here are my ‘rules’ for wearing lingerie – I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to share your own!  After all, some rules are fun… and the more fun, the merrier!

Wear the right size and the right fit.  This is the cardinal rule.  No matter how pretty your silky secrets are, they will be of absolutely no use to you if they do not ‘hold’ you right.  So get measured (click here to ask our Bra Doctor for personal bra fitting help, and click here to read how to measure your bra size)!

Never slouch.  Not only do you look younger and slimmer when you have “perfect” upright posture, and it is also the secret to making the most out of your lingerie – looking confident!  (The only exception is of course if you are lounging in bed –then you are allowed to drape yourself on the pillows. ;))

Don’t rush the moment!  When putting these delicate items on, take your time!  Not only will you avoid rips in your stocking, you are doing something nice for yourself!  It is such an easy way to feel pampered.  If you happen to be doing it for your significant other, let them stew a little.  Good things come to those who wait!

Details, details, details!  Besides size and fit, you should always give yourself the once-over in the mirror, from all angles and sides – admire how beautiful you are and how your lingerie fits on you.  Perfection is in the details!

Go for au naturel.  And I mean for your lingerie, too.  Breathable, natural fabrics are a must – silk is always an investment, and for budget friendly pieces, cotton can be just as seductive and beautiful.  Do have fun exploring fabrics! You might stumble upon something just for you.

What are your personal guidelines for wearing lingerie?  Do you have any amazing tips to share? Comment here below, e-mail me, and join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook!

Until next time, stay gorgeous!


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