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Panty Raid: Inside Felicia’s Undies Drawer

Every morning when I wake up I normally go into my underwear drawer and decide what kind of panties I’m going to wear for the day. Don’t lie, I know you have a hundred pairs of underwear and sometimes it makes the decision even harder! Am I in a blue hipster mood or a purple thong kind of mood? To be honest, I’ve always dressed comfort over style. I’ll usually take into account the weather to decide my outfit for the day. Only then do I choose what kind of underwear I’ll be sporting for the day. For example, if I’m wearing tights, I’ll most likely choose a thong that’s not too tight at my waist (no one likes a muffin top :P). Or, if I’m wearing a skirt, I’ll normally go for boy shorts in case it gets windy… I don’t want to give away a free show!

Each and every style of underwear you have, you wear for a certain occasion, outfit or mood. Let’s go over some of the most common undie styles and why, when, and where we wear them.

The Thong

Jade Sleek And Seamless Thong by Arianne Lingerie

The reason for the thong’s invention was so that women would no longer have to worry about panty lines. I personally find them pretty uncomfortable. (I’m constantly picking out wedgies when I hope no one is looking.) To each their own! Thongs are really sexy when worn with a matching bra or camisole, like the Entice collection by Curvy Kate. If I do wear thongs I go for comfy seamless ones like the 1200 cotton thong by Elita (a bit more high-waisted) or the low-rise Jade thong by Arianne. I find thongs look better on bigger behinds. When you have a small bum you want something to accentuate your roundness, and thongs do not do that. As for g-strings, I find them even more uncomfortable than thongs. It literally is a piece of floss up your bum. Not only that, but they’re super unflattering. Remember when Britney Spears helped to start the trend of wearing g-strings coming out of low rise jeans? If you saw this happen today, you would hope it’s accidental and not on purpose.

The Hipster

Now THAT’S a nice bum!!

I love hipster underwear; I find them so comfortable and great for everyday wear underneath virtually anything. I like to wear this style best with jeans. I like my bum partially covered because we all know what low cut jeans do; MAJOR butt crack! The plumber look is inevitable with low rise jeans so it’s best to always be prepared. I also wear these under dresses or skirts. Low cut hipsters can be really sexy and flattering on all bum types; Small or big, they give such a nice cheeky shape, especially the all-over lace 500 Glamour boyleg by Grenier and the 9526 satin hipster by Now That’s Lingerie. Hipsters are amazing to mix and match with your bra. I say go wild, wear neon yellow hipster underwear with a turquoise bra!

The Bikini

Victorian Lace Bikini by Triumph Lingerie

Then there is bikini style panties. I personally put bikini and hipster panties almost in the same category so I love them both. They’re both low-rise, great for everyday and to wear as a sexy bottom. Sometimes if I’m on vacation, I’ll wear dark-color (opaque) bikini underwear as actual bikini bottoms for swimming and sunbathing – I swear they’re even more flattering than regular bathing suit bottoms! Only thing you have to watch out for is that they don’t fall off. (They don’t have the same elasticity around the waist so when they’re wet they tend to loosen.) I love this everyday 4511 Metropolis low-rise cotton bikini panty by Elita, and for any lover of lace I recommend for the 242 Victorian Lace bikini by Triumph.


The High-Waisted “Retro” Brief

High waisted underwear, why do you have such a taboo against you? These kinds of underwear can seem very scary and unflattering, often mis-dubbed “Granny Panties” by virtue of their coverage, but this 50’s pin up style has made a comeback with stylish and youthful additions like ribbons, bows, lace and embroidery! Just check out the stunning 411 maxi brief by Valisere Lingerie, the 221530 Great Expectations high-hipster by Blush and the 223730 Minx animal print Retro Brief with lace back by Blush (rarrr!). High-waisted panties are made for certain body types, more so woman who are slim but have larger or rounder derrieres. My favorite thing about high-waisted panties is that many of them help flatten and hide your tummy. Perfect to hide evidence of a “food baby” and give you a sleek look under any of your clothes. I love to wear seamless high-waisted control briefs like the 513 Vintage Control panty by Grenier Lingerie or the 0061 Perfect Body seamless panty girdle by Naturana, which both do all these things with a flawlessly seamless finish!

“Granny” Panties

I’ve been saving the best for last! Every woman has this in her underwear drawer – you’re not alone! We’re talking about high-waisted, no-frills basic panties, like the comfy cotton 4026 Les Essentiels cotton brief by Elita Lingerie. These undies, sometimes called “period panties” are usually some of the comfiest you have, if not only because they may also be years older and looser-fitting than most of your other undies. If you’re caught unexpectedly wearing granny panties, the best line to use is the, “it’s my laundry day” excuse. However, when you’re lounging around the house on a Sunday watching movies and ordering take out, there’s no better feeling than wearing your ‘comfiest’ pair of underwear underneath those ageless sweatpants. We all own those so don’t even try and lie about it! I’m looking forward to the day when granny panties make a comeback, so I can stop wearing floss up my bum to look sexy. Oh well, a girl can dream 🙂 

I want those EXACT pair!!! Via SomeECards

I hope you enjoyed our adventure down Panty Lane! Which underwear style is your favorite to wear, and why? Comment below, or tell us on our Facebook Page or Twitter!


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