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Nobody wants to be told what to wear, how to wear it, unless it’s just a light suggestion, right?

When it comes to lingerie, you might hear tons of advice that doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone, or tends to exclude some people from wearing whatever lingerie they choose.

But are there any rules that actually have some merit? We think so.

Here are the lingerie rules that are actually beneficial for you to follow.

1. Get Fitted, and Often

We’ll never stop saying it, especially because so many women are still wearing the wrong size.

Go to a professional at a lingerie boutique that’s knowledgeable and honest. Do so every six months or so until you feel comfortable measuring yourself.

Our bodies change, and so frequent fittings are important. It’s also good to know your sister sizes to make shopping easier for you, what breast shape you have, and even your measurements below to find proper fitting underwear.

2. If It Comes In Your Size, Wear It


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Is there certain lingerie women with certain body types should wear? No!

Sure, there are bra styles that are better suited to certain breast shapes, but that’s about it. There’s no such thing as a woman’s body shape that shouldn’t wear a bodysuit or a sexy bralette or something revealing.

If it fits you and comes in your size, you should wear it. Think of what you could miss out on if you limited yourself.

3. No, You Don’t Have To Wear Lingerie All The Time


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Sure, lingerie offers coverage, but are you going to risk your health if you don’t wear a bra or underwear all the time? Well, science can’t decide yet.

So if you hate wearing underwear when you sleep, don’t. If you don’t want to wear a bra when running around doing errands, don’t. Your body will be okay opting out of lingerie every now and then.

4. Big Boobs Do Not Equal Bra Limitations

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You don’t have to only wear full coverage bras with wires all the time if you have bigger breasts.

Thanks to some amazing brand and lingerie developments, women with bigger breasts are no longer limited to certain styles. There are wire-free bras, bralettes, bras with non-metal wires designed with the bigger bust in mind.

So if you want something a little more lax or revealing or sexy, you can go for it and not sacrifice support in the process.

5. Wear What Makes YOU Feel Good And Beautiful And Sexy


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There’s no longer a finite definition of what lingerie is sexy. It’s more of a personal perception that lets you decide what you feel best in.

From the highly designed negligees and bodysuits, to the simple boyshorts and camis, loving yourself is what shines through whatever you’re wearing to show off your beauty and sexiness.

Do you agree with these lingerie rules?

Let us know in the comments below!

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