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Skirting the Issue: What’s up with hemlines?

What’s up with hemlines this season?  Panty-peeking minis, sophisticated knee-length and mid-thigh skirts & dresses… this Spring has a little something for everyone.  Let’s start with a peek at some runway fashions to inspire your personal style & revamp your closet!

It’s hard for most anyone (other than models, of course) to look classy when wearing an ultra-short dress or skirt.  Thankfully, the rest of us can be satisfied with knee-length dresses and skirts that reveal just a flattering peek of our thighs!  If your outfit is a bit sheer and you don’t want to reveal that much skin, try wearing something else underneath.  Arianne’s Kelly collection has a 19″ half-slip with a lacy hem on the bottom for skirts, and a basic, opaque 35″ full slip for dresses, with adjustable spaghetti straps.

Kelly 19″ half-slip with lace hem, Kelly 35″ adjustable full slip, both by Arianne and available at Now That’s

Plus, try wearing some invisible underwear to eliminate any panty lines!  Take a look at Elita’s aptly-named Invisible collection.  This way, nothing but your beauty will detract from your sexy outfit!

Elita low-rise Invisible panties (thongboy and thong shown), available at Now That’s

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