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Exercise is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle, so why not look fabulous doing it? The power that getting exercise into our routine has is incomparable; it reduces stress, it releases feel-good chemicals that make us happy, and it fuels us for productivity. However, going into the gym or heading outdoors for a jog in our hubby’s old t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants can have us feeling sluggish and unkempt. Fitness fashion is developing rapidly, and there are some fun trends emerging to help us step up our fitness fashion game.

Bright Colours

From Left: Actress Shay Mitchell via Pinterest; Coral Chloe Cotton Top by Arianne Lingerie; Actress and Singer Hilary Duff via I’m Not Obsessed

Whether we realize it or not, looking at bright colours boosts our spirits and evokes happiness. Incorporating bright hues into our fitness wardrobe can have a similar effect, and when we feel good in what we wear, it translates into our attitude. Take inspiration from celebrities like Shay Mitchell and Hilary Duff, who aren’t afraid of mixing bright and neon shades when they head to the gym or fitness studio, even if it’s in small doses. Some interesting research has been done into the way people react to different colours. Red and violet tones can induce a reaction that boosts our adrenaline. Yellow can have a mood-stimulating effect on us, which is no surprise, as it’s the colour of sunshine. Think about the colours you decide to wear and how they can possibly help you gain the energy and enthusiasm you need for your next workout; don’t be afraid to have fun and be bold!

Mixing Patterns

From Left: Model Alessandra Ambrosio via Handbag; TV Personality Brooke Burke-Chavret via Trend-Kid; Amy Camouflauge Racer Back Camisole by One 2 One

Mixing patterns is a bold fashion trick that has dominated the runways. There’s no reason you can’t take the same cues for your fitness fashion. A mixed pattern look is adventurous. Some popular mixtures of pattern that are a little bit tamer are florals and stripes, or florals and polka dots. The opportunities are endless, and it’s always fun to experiment with different combinations until you find one that you think works well together. If mixing and matching patterns is not your thing, you can consider an all-over print, as you can find many matching sets of tops and bottoms with a funky pattern. Even incorporating patterns in general into your fitness wardrobe will have you looking stylish. Model Alessandra Ambrosio and Brooke Burke-Charvet both clearly love patterned looks for the gym, as they both look effortless, in style, and in shape.

Cool Sports Bras

From Left: Tri-action Underwired Sports Bra by Triumph Lingerie; Impact-Free Wireless Full Support Cotton Sports Bra by Royce Lingerie; Actress Emma Watson via Pop Sugar

For someone who wants to adopt a regular workout routine, building a wardrobe of sports bras is an absolute essential. Sports bras give you the support and functionality that other types of bras can’t, and are built with moisture-absorbing technology so they can withstand even the most intense exercises. A regular bra will most likely shift often during a workout, and the sweat and action will most likely cause damage to the sensitive material, which will bring down its lifespan with overuse. While you could opt for a plain, black sports bra, why not consider one with some cool colors or interesting details that catch the eye? Take a cue from Emma Watson’s bright pink look.


From Left: Actress Emmy Rossum via Who What Wear; Actress Reese Witherspoon via Who What Wear; Liliane Long Rayon Leggings by Arianne Lingerie

Many celebrities often wear leggings for their workouts instead of sweatpants, yoga pants, or even shorts. Take Emmy Rossum and Reese Witherspoon for instance, who have paired leggings of different lengths with super casual fitness looks. You can throw a quirky little tee over them, a fitness tank, or even just wear them with a sports bra if you please. Many fitness clothing brands are actually designing leggings with similar technologies to sports bras and other fitness clothing in funky patterns and colors.


From Left: Actress Kate Hudson, Creator of Fabletics via Pinterest; Arches Outfit via Fabletics; Grand Canyon Outfit via Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s new line of fitness is fashion is unique, super fashion-forward, and affordable. Kate managed to design a line to incorporate all of the new fitness fashion trends in some wearable yet gorgeous designs, many of which have matching counterparts. If you want to step up your fitness fashion repertoire but aren’t sure how to do it by yourself, the online store offers a variety of looks and pieces that go hand in hand.

What are some of your favourite fitness tips?
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