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YouTube is a cornucopia of information, influence, and inspiration, and there’s a huge wave of body positivity of all types to watch!

We love us some body positivity, and love boosting those who are sending positive messages of loving yourself, overcoming insecurity, and are promoting attainable health advice. So if you’re in need of a little boost or want something new to watch, we recommend hitting the subscribe button for these YouTubers!

Sometimes Glam by Crystal Coons

Crystal Coons is a name that comes to everyone’s mind when talking about body positive YouTubers.

This incredibly hard working woman has an Instagram full of incredible #ootd inspiration, and constantly produces awesome hauls of plus size fashion, lingerie, swimwear, and more. She even has her own clothing line Astra Signature and the designs are so beautiful and fashion-forward.

We’re very inspired by her consistent body confident and body positive messaging throughout her videos and how she has no shame or hold ups about showing off her amazing curves!

Sarah Rae Vargas

This girl has style!

Sarah Rae Vargas is a fashionista who creates amazing videos of shopping hauls – which we all love watching no matter how much we deny it – and proudly shows off her curves doing so. She has amassed a huge following of women who want to dress well, wear sexy lingerie, and feel confident doing so.

Her series “Dear Fat Girl” has become immensely popular for addressing issues that many women face regarding their weight and self esteem. Her openness, honesty, willingness to talk about issues many women try to bury is refreshing, and we think any woman regardless of her size can learn so much from watching Sarah’s channel.

Fitness Blender

There’s a huge fitness and health community on YouTube, but unfortunately, a lot of it gets hidden behind unhealthy advice and drama.

However, Fitness Blender emerges because they offer something people want – easy, attainable workout and health videos for people who want to do their workouts at home, don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to healthy eating, but want to improve their health.

The husband and wife duo, Kelli and Daniel, don’t promote unhealthy gimmicks or expectations, just offering tangible ways for people to get healthy. Scrolling through comments on their videos, it’s clear to see they’ve opened a lot of people’s minds to health and have truly helped a lot of people!

Loey Lane

Loey Lane is a storytime YouTuber, sharing many crazy shenanigans in her life including paranormal encounters, but she’s also celebrated for her incredible style and very honest discussions about body positivity.

She’s discussed her lifetime of coming to terms with her changing body, and has come to a place where she’s embraced her curves and her beauty. It’s not always easy for us to love ourselves 100% of the time and she’s totally honest about her own struggle with that. She also puts together amazing outfits without hesitation for what society says she should wear, and we think that’s awesome!

Melanie Murphy

Eating disorders are a scary reality that many don’t like to talk about, so thankfully Melanie Murphy is here to offer candid accounts of her own struggles and how she’s overcome them.

She has so much more content on her YouTube channel, such as beauty tips, food diaries, and more, but we have to commend her lifestyle videos for sharing her weight fluctuation journey and advice for how to love yourself and take care of your body. Many of us can relate to having a lack of motivation to exercise, an unhealthy relationship with food, or maintaining our weight loss, and Melanie discusses all these types of things in a relatable way.

What are some of YOUR favorite YouTube channels to watch?

Share with us in the comments below!

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