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The strapless bra is an anomaly for some ladies, and so they just stay far away.

But the strapless bra is so necessary, and there are a few little tricks to keep up your sleeve to shop and wear the best strapless moment of your life!

It’s All In The Band


Naked Glamour Strapless Underwire Push-Up by Calvin Klein

If you’re finding that shopping in your bra size renders your strapless bra loose and ill-fitting, you may want to consider going down a band size. You can try going up a cup size for optimal fit, or you can grab a bra back extender if you need just the tiniest bit of extra room.

A thicker, sturdier back band will give that optimal support to ensure the strapless bra stays put and lifts the girls properly.

Look For The Right Features


Every Day in Print Underwired Bra with Multifunctional and Detachable Silicone Straps by Naturana

Strapless bras are a style of bra that shouldn’t be shopped solely based on aesthetics. While yes, there are beautiful, trendy styles, the functionality and special features are what should be key factors before adding to your cart.

Look for a silicone or similar material lining on the inside of the cups, as this helps keep the bra against your skin. Keep your eyes out for a thick back band, as mentioned before. A convertible bra or strapless bra that comes with straps is a nice thing to look for too, as it instantly becomes more versatile.

Try a Longline or Cropped Corset


Loveswept Lacy Longline Strapless Bra with Removable Cookies by Blush Lingerie

Ladies with some extra boobage or even ladies who just find strapless bras uncomfortable should try a longline or cropped corset bra.

These styles feature more support and coverage that work to smooth, lift, and shape. Plus, they are seriously very cute and sexy and what’s more fun than experimenting with new lingerie styles?

Have the Right Accessories


Invisible 3/8 Inch Bra Straps by Bra Doctor

We get by with a little help from our friends – and lingerie accessories are the friends you may not know you need.

Whether it be an extra pad to fill in an uneven breast, some body tape to keep the cups still, or some invisible straps as a safety net, you can be sure your next strapless bra will fit perfectly with these little helpers.

Invest in Your Investment


Spotlight Long Line Strapless Bra by Blush Lingerie

It’s ideal to have a couple of strapless bras handy, and you shouldn’t cheap out on them. Not that you have to drop hundreds of dollars or anything! We have plenty of budget friendly styles for you to fall in love with.

Elissa Strapless Bra by Parfait Lingerie

Now, once you have the bras, you need to treat them right! Ideally, you should hand wash your bras and hang dry them. If you have to throw them in the wash, be sure to have a lingerie bag – it’s an inexpensive way to save money on having to replace several bras. And please, PLEASE, hang dry no matter what!

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  • Karen Riley

    I’m not usually one to prefer adhesive bras, but I’ve tried out Meadow Lift’s Adhesive Lifting Bra, and it honestly works wonders. I can finally wear all my cute strapless dresses without ruining the outfit with my bra being visible. It’s comfortable, reusable, leaves no irritation or redness, stays put, and it has an easy lifting design. Most importantly, though, it lifts my girls to where I want, and they stay there all day.
    Link to bra:

  • admin

    Hello Karen, Thank you so much for your recommendation. We’re sure any lingerie lover would appreciate learning about a new product 🙂

    – The NTL Team

  • admin

    Hello Karen,

    Thank you so much for leaving your recommendation! We always love learning about new things to try. 🙂


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