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The Color of Love: Guide to Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re as mad about lingerie as we are, you’ll probably be rifling through all your drawers trying to find the perfect set.  Faced with so many pretty things, how does a girl decide what to wear?  Well, style is personal, but we can help you with one thing –picking your best colour!

Black: Mysterious & Daring.

Bold without being flashy — the shade of mystery, sophistication, and the colour of choice for any femme fatale, black is always flattering and alluring.  Because it’s so striking against the skin, choose simple, refined styles to let the colour take centre stage.  Sheer black is always glamorous, so find pieces with peek-a-boo detailing for a cheeky sartorial wink.

Pink: Pretty & Provocative.

Pink is the perfect colour for anyone who loves all things feminine.  (And this doesn’t always have to be soft and girly, as Felicia shows us here!)  Pink is usually used to represent caring, affection and love.  Isn’t that what Valentine’s is all about?  So indulge in your inner princess… whether that means a lace-edged kimono, a timeless ‘modern vintage’ bra and panties set, or a sweet day-to-night, girl-next-door bra.

Red: Ravishing Bombshell.

The classic colour of love, red is simply ravishing. Designer Bill Blass once said, “When in doubt, wear red.”  Seductive and a definite eye-catcher, red lingerie is the traditional choice for a romantic occasion –with literally hundreds of gorgeous styles to choose from in every variation of this fiery hue, there’s one to bring out the glow in every skin tone!  My favourite way to wear red is by slipping on a lacy red baby-doll or chemise; it tones down the screaming siren with a sweet and playful silhouette.  Just right for keeping him guessing!

White: Sweet Serenity.

White is innocent, youthful and refreshing.  Did you know?  Before the red rose took over, white roses were a symbol of true love first!  Take your cues from the fun simplicity of this ‘bridal’ colour, but if white is too stark or boring on its own for you, spice it up with interesting little details such as ribbons, lace or embroidery, a contrasting pattern, sheer detail, or some swatches of ‘barely there’ nude…

Purple: Passionate & Luxurious.

Purple is a colour associated with royalty and luxury.  Amethyst is also the birth stone for the month of February –and makes this a perfect way of adding a personal twist to Valentine’s Day, should you be lucky enough to be born in the month of love!  And even if you weren’t, try this unique shade instead of the old standbys if you are feeling adventurous!

What’s your favourite colour to wear on Valentine’s Day?


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  • Lonnie

    I loved reading this article. Thank you Cathie for giving me so much to think about. I think that I have at one Valentines Day or another worn all the colors but the purple. I would say more often than not it has been red for most Valentines Days. But I love the looks of that purple bra & panty from Royce. I may be enticed to order that. I don’t know though if I can get it shipped by Valentines Day. But thanks for the great read!!

  • Cathie

    Lonnie, thanks so much for stopping by –I’m so glad you enjoyed the article, and that you love the purple choices …it’s great fun trying out different things! If you decide to succumb to any of these tempting pieces, here’s a link to our delivery information page:

    It usually takes 4-15 days, but we do offer faster shipping service. Be sure to give us a ring to get a quote and to see if we can get it delivered by Valentine’s Day! (Toll-free (US & CAN) 1-855-521-4244 or 1-514-521-4244)

    Happy shopping!!


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