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Fall is here, meaning we’re pulling out our sweaters and our tall boots to layer up when it gets chilly. We may also be making up a shopping list or two after spending time on Pinterest looking at all of the latest trends. Trust us, at #ShopNTL we do it too. The trends for the season are quite refreshing, with lots of fun prints to add dimension to our favourite fall styles. These trends, as always, translate into lingerie as well. We’re showing you some of our favourite prints for the Fall and Winter months with lingerie and clothing from us and other retailers so you can embrace your fun side with a new print!
Blown Up Florals

The floral prints you’re used to are getting darker and a little less elaborate in that they’re no longer simply clusters of tiny flowers pasted all throughout a garment. It’s a nice way to carry florals into darker seasons with warmer hues that blend well with the typical Fall colours. As with most florals, one can wear them in all facets, with pretty tops, flowy dresses, or soft sweaters. Of course, you can also wear them underneath! Florals are a very feminine and natural, mood-boosting print and it’ll be a nice little boost in the morning to pull on a nice floral bra or panty before getting dressed.

Big Plaid

Plaid has been around for a long time, going from a grunge staple to a casual addition to any style. A great plaid button up can take you so far in terms of outfit ideas, and it’s a nice extra layer to tie around your waist or place in your handbag as you walk out of the door. However, the plaids of this season are getting a little big bigger to sort of stray away from the typical lumberjack-esque style one may be used to. Try this trend by grabbing a long plaid top with a pair of our super comfortable leggings we carry from some fantastic brands for a super trendy yet laid-back Fall outfit.

Animal Print

Animal print is no longer considered a tacky print when it’s done right, with luxurious fabrics and more classic designs. It can actually be a bold addition to your wardrobe that oozes edge and sexiness. The leopard print really made its mark this Fall with lots of inspired looks donning the runways from various designers. Of course, wearing an animal print underneath can make you feel feisty and powerful, which is a great way to start the day! If you want to try animal print in a more toned down fashion, consider adding an accessory in a cool print for a little touch of it.

Polka Dots

Once considered simply retro, a polka dot print can communicate many different messages depending on what style speaks to you. It’s one of the easiest prints to pull off for a fun and whimsical look. The polka dot of this season is fairly neutral, with only some colour complementing a neutral shade. Try something a little bit more daring with a polka dot on the bottom. We think a really cool dress pant or cropped style would be really cute with a pair of booties and a solid top, like one of the many from Arianne that have a little bit of lace embellishment.

What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to shopping for this Fall? Share with us in the comments below – we’d love to get some inspiration from you! Our Facebook and Twitter always shares the latest trends we love, so be sure to give us a follow for more. We’re also on Pinterest for more fashion inspiration, and our YouTube videos share lots of great lingerie tips.



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