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20s Fashion-Inspired Collection

One of our favorite fashion eras, the 1920s, is all the rage for spring 2012, and with current movies like The Artist and The Great Gatsby coming out later in the year, this trend is sure to stick around. Though the silhouette might not be suited for all body types (mine included), the details of the era can really add new life and flavor to your closet. Read on to find out some trends of the Roaring 20s and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Dropped Waist Dresses

Dropped-waist Tunic Dress

One of the signature styles of the 20s, the dropped waist dress, is coming back in a big way. Boyish figures were en vogue in the 20s, which had women wearing shape-streamlined corsets and binding their breasts. If you have this figure naturally, the dropped waist dress accentuates a less curvy but still feminine frame. Combining this trend with florals or pastels, both huge this year, will bring an even more feminine side to a causal or more formal dress.

Gorgeous Flapper-Style gown from Marc Jacobs

Narrow, short, straight-and-loose dresses were also extremely popular for flappers, or the generation of women who challenged social norms in the 20s. Known (and somewhat disdained) at the time for being brash, fun-loving, rule-defying women, the image of the flapper today is extremely popular and positive, one that designers are emulating in their designs. While there are many flapper-style dresses out there, this look is also easy to achieve with a feathered or beaded straight skirt (just make sure it swings when you move!). Perfect for any party!

Art Deco Beading

Coming into style in the late 20s, the Art Deco movement affected the look of everything from

The Art-Deco beading gives this headband pizazz

architecture and home design to clothing and accessories. Intricately beaded dresses, tops, and hair pieces are big trends for this spring, and because Art Deco style favored metals like aluminum, these pieces are also metallic or just extra shiny. This trend can be dialed down for daytime too. Handbags in gold, silver, or jewel tones can glam up any outfit and achieve this trend with ease, or go for a headband or clip with sequins or beads.

Cloche hats are perfect for the winter-spring transition.

Cloche Hats

Cloche hats were part of the daily wardrobe for flappers. Like fedoras and wide-brimmed hats, these bell-shaped, small-brimmed hats are coming back in a big way, especially in pastels. Many of these hats will keep you warm as well, so they are great for the transition from winter to spring. Add a 20s style, art deco brooch and you’ll spice things up even more!

20s Menswear

Menswear-inspired collection from Ralph Lauren.

For the adventurous fashionista, there’s menswear-style fashion that has a 20s vibe as well. These ultra-tailored suits from Ralph Lauren are definitely reminiscent of Gatsby while still being feminine. Vests and double-breasted jackets are a perfect fit stylistically, and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. For those a little less daring, adding a pinstripe pant or top to your wardrobe will be reminiscent of this look without going over the top.

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