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Lovely In Lace

Hello Ladies,

What a beautiful day we had on Saturday! It was so warm, I decided to conduct one of my annual fashion rituals: The Pre-Spring Shopping Spree Window Shop! I’m not sure if anyone else does this, but I highly recommend it, and it’s as simple as it sounds. On the first warm weekend each year I head downtown, just to browse, mainly in stores that I love, but rarely get the opportunity to shop at. This not-quite-shopping spree is so wonderful because it gives the shopper a chance to get a feel for what’s in style that season! Then, when the temperature rises and it’s time to actually make your warm-weather purchases, you can shop confidently knowing exactly what look you’re going for.

One trend that caught my eye as I browsed was lace. Lace skirts, tops, dresses, embellishments all over the place! Personally, I like the look of lace because of its timelessness and versatility. From the dresses and gowns of Marie Antoinette to the flowing tops of free-spirited hippies, lace has been an important element of fashion for centuries. I love that I can wear lace on my off-time, paired with dangly earrings, chunky bracelets and long maxi skirts just as easily as during the workday, paired with trousers and a blazer or cardigan – perfection!

A bold combination of the lace trend in both outer- and underwear. I love this outfit, but don’t think I’m quite brave enough to show off my panties like this, no matter how pretty they are!


The lace trend doesn’t stop with clothing, however. Lace is an important lingerie staple! Due to its popularity and how easily it can be transformed into a variety of looks, you can find beautiful bras, panties and everything in between that will have you feeling lovely in lace.

Triumph Exotic Petites Lace Brad



Triumph Lingerie is one brand that understands the beauty of lace and of all different body types! The Triumph Eternal Lace Full Figure Bra in white and the Exotic Petites Lace Bra in a lovely earth-toned animal print are proof that all shapes and sizes look fabulous in lace.





The Susanna Panty by Eva Lingerie below shows a modern, sleek alternative to the uber-feminine ensemble above. This lace embellishment is also very fine, so you can wear this lovely piece totally invisibly!

Susanna Panty by Eva Lingerie


Samitha Lacy Bustier With Hidden Padded Underwire by Arianne Lingerie

And finally, the Samitha Lacy Bustier with Hidden Padded Underwire by Arianne Lingerie – a great multi-purpose piece for every woman’s wardrobe. With the full support of a bra and the coverage of a top, this camisole can be worn comfortably on its own or under a jacket, although if all goes well we’ll all be out of our coats in no time!








  • Lonnie

    Hi Rachel, I loved this article. I have a real penchant for lace also, especially my lingerie! I like the appeal of a lace bra and panties especially since I can wear them on the construction sight where its not known for “fashion” in particularly with outer garments. The Triumph “Eternal Lace looks great. I do not have one yet but will be considering it. I do have one (bra) that I like very much and that is the 8579 Serenade Grenier soft cup. I have it in both black and white, and for us girls who like non-underwired, it is great! The” bra doctor’ had recommended it for me sometime back. It is not only “sexy” looking but very comfortable for all day wear. And because of my work, I almost always prefer non underwired there. But for “dressier occasions the Grenier is also great. I love the looks, also, of the Samitha bustier top. I like the red color, it just sort of “leaps out at me” . I am enjoying your blogs. Please keep them coming!! I hope that this finds you enjoying some lace today on yourself !

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