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How to Wear Orange

If just the thought of wearing orange is still a little frightening to you, start with something small, like trying an orange pair of shoes, a bag or maybe a little orange jewelry to spice up your look.  As the seasons change and the bright colours turn to more muted tones, we often find ourselves clinging to those last few bright and colourful summer clothes.  Lucky for us, this fall brings a bright colour into the mix.  We know it is said that orange and black are considered Halloween colours, but orange is not just for your Jack-O-Latern anymore.

Orange, which can classified as this falls juicest color is not as hard to wear as you may have originally thought. While orange is definitely a colour that is fun and show-stopping, if you wear too much of it you may come across as a traffic pylon rather than a trendspotting woman. If you are going to venture over to the orange side, stick to only one item of orange for every outfit.

Now, you may think orange is a hard colour to pull off, but you will be surprised to know that orange is a very flattering colour since it instantly adds a natural glow to your skin tone.  It is just a matter of finding the right tone of orange for you.

For fall, we are seeing a range of vibrant tangerines, neon oranges and amped-up corals. When you are wearing a statement color like orange, make sure the colour does not overtake you – be confident and make sure your personality shines right through the orange brightness.  (Like any style you try to pull off, confidence is the most important part of your outfit, so wear it well!)

Once you warm up to it, you will be making orange your statement color in no time.  But before you run off to grab yourself some orange pieces, let me leave you with a key piece of advice: wear orange with anything but black, otherwise you may run the risk of looking like a mascot for the Halloween season…

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