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Secrets Behind Celeb Bums & How to Tone Yours!

Shapely bottoms are sexier and more stylish than ever, and especially now with the current craze for showing off your derriere either with skinny jeans or transparent dresses. For celebrities having a fabulous bottom is part of their job description, it’s vital they keep their rear end up! So here are some of the methods they use to achieve those beautiful bottoms:


Jennifer Lopez attributes her award winning derriere to tons of gym-time: “special lunges and loads of weighted squats followed by low impact cardio, like rowing ”.


Shakira swears by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s Mat Method to keep her butt fit and well-toned, she claims ten days is all you need to see your butt change with this method.

Jessica Biel working it!


Jessica Biel has the most athletic bottom in Hollywood and works out using a technique called plyometrics. It’s a series of explosive moves incorporating leaping, jumping and skipping which burns calories and builds lean muscle. One of Jessica’s key moves involves jumping from the bottom step of a flight of at least 20 stairs to the third stair, and keeping going, skipping a stair with each jump. The best way to start this is once a week for two weeks, then add one extra set on each following week until you reach a maximum of three sets.


Scarlett Johansson keeps her bottom in shape by playing tennis, and since there’s no other female athlete with a bigger or rounder bottom than Serena Williams,  tennis obviously works!


Christina Hendricks keeps her bottom in shape by using the BOSU ball. She told Health Magazine, “You have to balance and do weights and squats on it”.


Jennifer Aniston is very strict with her diet and exercise routine and keeps her bottom firm with Budokon yoga-martial arts.

Jennifer Aniston


Rihanna attributes her gorgeous shape to cardio and pilates.


Walking is a great way to start working your bottom, especially by varying your speed and incline, in-line skating and cycling are fantastic too.


But as Madonna knows – for major sculpting there’s really no alternative to a gym work-out. She reputedly spends three hours a day working out and just look at her lovely shapely derriere!

Madonna’s derriere


Explosive workouts incorporating lunges and squats, preferably with weights, are essential for fast results, (see for some great workout ideas).  If you have a flat bottom and you’re looking to build it up you should do between 8 to 10 reps using heavier weights. If you’re looking to tone and reduce your bottom then you need to do between 15 and 20 reps with lighter weights. The most effective workout is a circuit – complete your first exercise reps then move on to the second and third exercises without resting. When you have completed all three exercises, rest for 30 seconds and then repeat the entire set. After the second set, rest for 30 seconds and then repeat the third and final set.



..and remember, whatever you were born with can be improved upon, so get working on those potentially gorgeous glutes!



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